Another one gone :-)

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Re: Another one gone :-)

#16 Post by arpie » Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:57 am

Yes, I think Pat 'nailed it' when he said they'd need a truck/trailer & that it was organised.

They would have been scoping your place for a while, John. :cry:

Terrific that you will keep an eye open up at Coffs, Paul - the sail alone would be a dead give away if he is stupid enough to use it (not having the mirage drive!!)

....Agree, and now I have a "spare" V1 drive. Would it be worth anything much? Maybe the thieves would like to buy it from me ??....

You could always put up an advert saying 'Wanted to buy - Hobie Kayak without Fins' :wink: They may be stupid enough to make contact! :lol:

The other one stolen up here some years ago was never spotted again - we had it on radio, local newspaper & all the forums (FB wasn't 'up' then!)

Have you asked Hobie Head Office if they have a refurbished hull available? Failing that - the new yak seats are MUCH better than the old one!! There is a real bargain for sale up in Qld ..... but it is a Revo 11 (a TERRIFIC yak) and a good excuse to drive to Qld!!


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