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Free Monday

Postby Michal Duzynski » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:09 am

Hi guys
Finally full day off for me on this coming Monday.
Not sure where to go around Brisbane?
Shell I go for a bass, or some estuary waters?
One day, too many choices.
Anybody from around Brisbane plans a trip on Monday and would like some company?
Thinking of Kurwanghbah dam for bass, or maybe Maroon Dam....
Ive been told that Kholo Brg at Ipswich is a good spot, but red different thimgs about it and now Im a bit confused and dont want to go there alone.

Im chasing fish inly with a a fly rod.
Let me know if you have Monday off, so we can organize a trip.

Michal Duzynski
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