Mirage Drive replacement options.

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Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby grant ashwell » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:55 pm

My Hobie mirage drive (the Glidetech model with grey bearing bits) is just about worn out. I pulled it down and found the 3 stainless steel rods that make up the various "axles" all worn down. The inside plastic surface on some of the grey bits is flaking and rough while the needle bearings are no longer smooth. Yup, its tired but has done a lot of work so no complaints. I do wash it every time and carefully avoid sand so it is just well used. So, what to do. A new reverse unit is about $1100 but not sure if it would be the version 2. I like to do my own maintenance but it looks more complicated plus I wonder if it would manage the high mileage that I do. I can buy another Glidetec to last 2 years. ( I previously brought a replacement unit of the non bearing style when I wore one of those out years ago).
I could buy all the bits to make my old one new but would actually just be buying a disassembled unit as I would get pedals, chains etc as well as these break after time too. The basic bits are $300 plus. Or, a new Revolution for $3300 but then that might take some discussion at home and is a big chunk of my limited $...but?
Just wondering if I am missing something or what your thoughts are? The hull is 2013 and this is its second drive unit.

grant ashwell
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Re: Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby arpie » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:28 pm

Hi Grant

Given the number of miles you do in your yak - and where you do it .... I don't think they really recommend the Reverse Drive for offshore fishing at all - they are even more complex than the 'original' drives and some people are already having some issues with them (tho a new model is already available I understand)..... and are really designed more for 'close in' fishing - like estuaries & inland waters where you need to drag fish out of snags ......

Have a chat with James at Hunter Water Sports .... he 'rebuilt' my drive a few years back for WAY less than a new drive would cost - he kept all the parts that he could ....

Given the number of people who now own Hobies due to YOUR offshore exploits ..... I am totally surprised that you are not already sponsored to some extent (or TOTALLY) by Hobie!!

You could always do a pitch to them ...... you could say that you are a tad disappointed in the drive (which you are!)

Good luck



And a huge congrats on your nice snapper & jewie from the weekend!! :gu:
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Re: Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby Brendon » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:27 pm

Hi Grant .
You maybe able to purchase the upgrade kit that converted the original mk2 drives to the configuration you have and I think it may have about 75 % of what you would need and the add the shafts . I imagine your Fin masts have been changed a number of times so they could be good to go . I may have been told once you can actually build a new drive from spares cheaper than buying one outright ....
I am looking at getting a reverse drive just for bream and estuary fishing and keeping a glide drive for offshore .
quick google and...

Glide tech upgrade kit $161 at SLH
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... pgrade-kit

plus Mirage drive spine 31 bucks
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... rive-spine

V2 drum Shaft 20 bucks
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... drum-shaft

Sprocket Shaft 28 bucks
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... cket-shaft

Idler cable 25 bucks

ttps://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak- ... dler-cable

mirage drive chains times 2 at $55 each
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... ive-chains

outhaul blocks x2 so $16
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... haul-block

Total $391 if you re use existing Fins and shafts .

Berley Pro Stainless cranks $120
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... dal-cranks

ST Turbo finn kit 2 fins and masts $165
https://slhobie.com.au/gear/hobie-kayak ... bo-fin-kit

so only reusing pedals complete new, drive some Assy required
$676 versus $920 for complete new GT drive :devil:
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Re: Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby Paulioq » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:39 pm

grant ashwell wrote: The basic bits are $300 plus. Or, a new Revolution for $3300
I usually think like that when the price is a bit closer to each other :lek:

they wear out dude that's why you can get all the parts to rebuild them no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. the new reverse drive will be useless to you if you fish anything other than piers and marinas maneuvering around tight snags.
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Re: Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby nobrandbali » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:21 pm

I got revo 13 with V2 drive that later on I converted into glide but I still have the V2 drum if you needed grant
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Re: Mirage Drive replacement options.

Postby grant ashwell » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:50 pm

Thanks for the kind words Roberta..Brendon for your research and maths and Paul and Novis for your offer and advice. I am closer to making a decision now.
grant ashwell
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