Kayak electrics setup

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Kayak electrics setup

Postby SgtBundy » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:48 am

I did this up for a FB group as a few people asked me about the setup. It was all done prior to a capsizing so I have a few lessons to apply to it for the rebuild, but in case others might be interested I will post it here to share my approach:


The changes I would make post-capsize rebuild:

1. My fuse placement is completely wrong - I made it so it was easy to swap out, but it protected nothing once the control box had water ingress on capsizing. I am looking to put a fuse inline on the batter to completely cut power should it happen again, hopefully saving most of it from death by electrolysis. I am also looking to put individual device fuses on the inner hull box.

2. The USB plug was crap, nowhere near "waterproof" as it said, the socket fitting had massive holes which pretty much drowned the control box. I am looking into better units - most are merely water resistant though, just splash caps - not fully IP68.

3. Water resistant switches are also only useful if you don't capsize.

4. The control box needs submersion testing to actually make sure its waterproofed, my all clear application clearly missed places.

I will also look for replacement components in future that ideally use easier to make cutouts (i.e drilled holes instead of squares to cut with a dremel). Its far easier using a drill then trying to perfectly square a fitting so as not to leave gaps.
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