Comparing Smoked Tailor, Pike & Wrasse

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Comparing Smoked Tailor, Pike & Wrasse

#1 Post by Freewily » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:57 am

Took a Tailor, Pike & Wrasse out the freezer, thawed & filleted them. Soaked fillets in a ceramic dish filled with water & 2 tablespoons sea salt & 2 table spoons brown sugar for about 20 minutes. Then removed fillets from solution & placed into my hot smoker.
It is the first time I had smoked a Pike so wanted to compare all three in one sitting. Guess which was my favourite.
PIKE was my favourite!! :re:
I found that the Tailor was the strongest flavour & the meat was pleasant on the chew. It was my second favourite.
The Wrasse had the mildest flavour. Obvious due to its white & less oily meat. It was flaky & when chewed, a little airy. It would be a nice fish to have on jatz or plain biscuits.
But the Pike was between both. :ll: It had the nice smokey medium flavour & the meat was slightly more tender that the Tailor & not flakey. Very pleasant to eat on its own. :ha:
So when someone says Pike! Yuk! I will say give it to me YUM!! :ha:
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