Sergeant Baker Fillets

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Sergeant Baker Fillets

#1 Post by Freewily » Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:51 pm

Well I haven't been to this section for a while & will have to read all the posts that I missed out on.
Any way, I said in one of my Offshore posts that I will have to try & fillet a Sergeant Baker. I caught & kept one when fishing off Gerringong.
I few of our guys said good luck with that as they really are full of bones! :lol:
But after successfuly filleting my past Flatheads I thought it was time to give this red sea cactus a go! :lol:
I found that a good sharp flexible pointy filleting knife made things a lot easier.
And it is not a fish that I would waste time on when in a hurry like at the cleaning tables or when filleting fish for a crowd of people! :lol:
So today I had 2 Snapper that I filleted in case the Sgt Baker was a failure.
It would be too difficult to describe how to fillet one of these red baseball bats, but it is mainly in the feel for where the bones are. Most of them are like rib bones in a Flatty & the fine centre fillet bones found in most fish. But these fish seem to have twice as many. So it will take twice as long to fillet. I mean debone! :?:
Also the strips of meat can be much more & thinner than what you would get off a normal fish. :roll:
But anyway I finally filleted & deboned it & found that it can be done.
I baked the fillets like I did my Snapper fillets in lemon slices, home grown parsely, Coriander & chives with a little chicken stock powder sprinkled on the meat with a little of the chopped herbs with a light sprinkle of sea salt. Wrapped in Olive oil coated foil. Bunged in the oven on 200 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes.
The verdict: Sgt Baker has superb white meat that is slightly tenderer than Snapper with similar flavour. It freezes well over a long period of time like Snapper as well. As for the bones. Wait for it! 3 in total! :grin: And the missus liked it.
So looks like I have another unwanted fish for my table next time. I t willl be joining, Salmon, Pike & Bonito! :lol:
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