Dead set simple 5 ingredients

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Dead set simple 5 ingredients

#1 Post by garyp » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:05 pm


Here is a simple one.

Get yourself a fish that doesn't break up into tiny bits (something like ling, cod or the like), some shallots (they have a bit more flavour), fresh or jarred ginger, a couple of chillies and coconut cream (or milk for the healthy people out there).

Now chop up the shallots (big or small it's up to you). Deseed the chillies and finely chop them. Add about a half thumb (inch) of finely chopped ginger (or a good teaspoon of the jarred variety). Chuck all that into a pan over a low heat to sweet off until the shallots go "translucent" as they say in the classic cook books. Use butter or oil in your pan (I like butter). Then add the coconut cream and bring to a simmer. Next add your chunks of fish and poach for five or so minutes (until cooked enough for you).

Serve up on some rice.

There you have it nice and simple



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