Fish with kaffir lime leaves

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Fish with kaffir lime leaves

#1 Post by philthyphil » Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:01 pm

I work with a guy who is a chef by trade.
I have a kaffir lime tree and give him some leaves now & then.
His missus is a chef too. He said the other day that his wife did fish in foil with kaffir lime leaves.
Just get foil , spray a bit of cooking spray, put a few lime leaves on the foil (cut the leaves into strips of you want)
Lay your fillets on the leaves, put a couple more on the top & cook in the usual foil on the barby or fry pan way.
Chuck the leaves out before eating.(they are tough)
It gives a subtle citrus taste with a little bite. Add ground peppercorns to give it some extra taste.
Give it a try.
PS they are not the cheapest thing to buy (if you can find them).
I don't care (they grow on trees at my house!)
Sometimes the old slice of lemon or lime is just as good.
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