Scupper pro angler 2 hatch

Need help in selecting a kayak for fishing? Or do you have a review to share?
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Scupper pro angler 2 hatch

#1 Post by jaystar86 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:16 pm


Just wondering if anyone has used this kayak and if so, what it is like accessing the hatches (front or back) in the water. I am a minimalist

The yak looks perfect for a hybrid tourer/fisher predominantly a fisher. However, the one that I have found is the non-tank well version. And I can't figure out how it would go when catching big fish.

Any DIY ideas? How would bungess across the top of the hatches and a fish bag work?

The one I'm looking at is similar to the scupper pro (not the dive version) here -

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Re: Scupper pro angler 2 hatch

#2 Post by Salty Dog » Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:04 am

Hey Jay,

The hull is tried & true for plastic. I have an older ex hire one. It doesn't see much use now that I have a glass kayak but I don't regret the purchase - was a great first kayak. I have the one with the tankwell though. A lot of people used them for kayak diving too - again the tankwell version.

If you are planning on using it at sea at any stage I'd say you would be better off with the version with the tankwell so you don't have to open your hull up when you are on the water, especially when you are fiddling around with fish, net, rods, etc.

If you are planning on fishing calm waters & are into kayak camping & want that extra hull access the model with the two hatches could work for you.

Good luck with it.
Regards, Adam.

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