Native slayer propel 13

Need help in selecting a kayak for fishing? Or do you have a review to share?
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Native slayer propel 13

#1 Post by Litchfield » Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:22 pm

Does anyone have one of these kayaks? What are your thoughts ? How do you transport it? Thanks :)

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Re: Native slayer propel 13

#2 Post by robw5390 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:07 pm

Absolutely love it. Hands free forward and reverse with ease. Rides on bars on the roof of the Pajero.

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Re: Native slayer propel 13

#3 Post by Aussie54 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:00 pm

Yes I have one. Yes it's a good kayak but I am biased cause never owned anything else and only hired one down Seven Mile Beach van park and got a wet bum. No wet bum in the Slayer, very comfortable seat, good for lakes and big rivers, harbours. It a bit big for small waterways but I cannot afford 2 yaks and don't want a little Bobby cork when going to the larger waterways. It handles big stink boats wakes with ease.

Had to replace the bottom bearings once after about 18 months. Cost about $12 for a set of stainless steel bearings and have not touched them since, now about 2 years since dropping them in. Don't know why they don't use SS in the first place.

Doesn't track real well, constantly having to correct direction and turning circle is not very good. So if you can put up with those issues, it's an awesome kayak.

It's a fairly heavy kayak but not as heavy as a Hobie PA. car top mine on a Commodore wagon using side load bar with support pole, tying down the front to bonnet straps and tying the back down to a town at that I don't have to use cause don't want to tow a trailer. Never had an issue, belt along the freeway 115kms no problem. It's about as heavy as I would lift a kayak onto a roof. I think a Hobie PA would be out of the question for me to car top.

Fitted a sounder few years ago, got it free with mag subscription. Took a few weekends to install, tucked the transducer up under and in one of the scupper holes under the seat. Does not protrude past the bottom line of the yak, does not let water in and clearing by about 10mm so it doesn't hit most logs when I run over one. Works pretty good, got the battery up in front hatch, mounted in a foam base with velcro straps so removing is easy, just can't store it on its side without the battery falling out of the cradle, oh well.

Bought a 2 pouch plastic cutlery drainer, slots into the side track real neat. Stores my lip gripper and pliers in one side and liquid refreshments in the other side whatever that might be (water or beer).

I recently made an imitation Boonedox landing gear to save me lifting it onto the smart cart from NW. It works pretty good at a quarter of price of the Boonedox one. I'll be posting launch photos soon and won't go back to the smart cart.

Hope this helps. Always happy to assist with other points if you like.

Regards, Wayne A.

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