Currarong Fires Up

So who's been offshore recently? How did you go?
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Currarong Fires Up

#1 Post by muzza111 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:32 pm

I launched at first light into great conditions, a metre of swell hardly any wind and estimated 22-23 degree blue water. I set about catching a couple of yellowtail for live baits, ended up finding them on the western edge of lobster island. Rigged one free swimming further back and weighted one down about 10-15 metres with a large ball sinker on the mainline and headed off for the cliffs of beecroft. Today I decided to sit a little wider of the cliffs than usual for 2 reasons:

1) hooking a king in deeper water would give me a better chance of not getting reefed
2) A marlin hook up seemed quite possible

It was about 8am before my first hit with what turned out to be a 62cm king - 3 cm undersize
I pulled the hooks on what felt like a smaller fish next.
Later on came another decent fight, this one looked a little better, would he make 65cm?? NOPE 64cm :roll:

And then just as the seabreeze was starting to puff I hooked another in shallower water (10 metres) as I was making my way back. I worked him up reasonably easily but then had to lay the rod down with the drag backed off while I pulled on the trace and went for a tail grab, he kept finding a surge of energy every time I pulled on the trace and it must have taken about 6 attempts before I got him aboard. He didn't look much longer than the other two but was much fatter, I was very relieved to measure him and find him comfortably legal at 69 - 70cm.

Interestingly every hit was on the deep bait, which was convenient as it's my heaviest setup - Saragossa 20,000 running 40lb mono mainline and 80lb leader on a 24kg T Curve rod. Even this setup hasn't been enough to keep my last couple of kings I've hooked out of the reef, obviously they were far larger fish.
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Re: Currarong Fires Up

#2 Post by coattail rider » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:41 pm

Kayak PBs

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