Fitzroy River Barra with video

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Fitzroy River Barra with video

#1 Post by Ads22 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:08 pm

I started a run of days off today and with the King Threadfin being on the go in town lately, I thought I'd give the river a crack. I was up with the sun and the water was calm. I fished around the bridges and the marker buoy, trolled for a bit, then back to casting. Things were very quiet and couldn't raise a touch, neither could the boats nearby. I headed up to the 400m mark below the barrage and saw a little bull shark on the surface and tried to tempt him with a lure, to no avail. I pushed down to the southside boat ramp trolling, and stopping to cast at various places based on the sounder readings but still nought.

Eventually, I was ready to head home, but decided to troll a different path over some rock bars first. I hadn't been getting the lures near the structure on my troll runs, so thought I'd have one last try as the tide was on its way out. I whacked a purple Tazer onto the heavy setup (30lb/40lb) with the new Slammer III reel, and a Slam 59 in Crystal Shrimp onto the lighter outfit (15lb/15lb). As I pulled up to cast at the rocks under the 'new' bridge and powered up the camera, I placed my hand on the rod to retrieve it when it took off. Bonus, camera on, fish on, go!

It wasn't a very long fight, but the fish took me straight towards rocks and I had to hit hard to keep it out. I didn't ramp up the drag as high as I could have, for fear of pulling the hooks on my only touch for the day. A nice barra surfaced and shortly thereafter the other rod doubled over. From doughnut to double hook-up in mere moments.
Doubled over_M.jpg
I fought the barra out and landed it, then checked the other rod to find I had been busted off, a clean break of the braid. I suspect it went for rocks, too! Still, a 74cm barra in the yak and later on the table for dinner. I was pretty happy to finish with a good fish. Another barra falls victim to the Tazer lure. Very cool, Sel! :cool:
Cheers and happy fishing!

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