Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

Been fishing the estuaries? Let us know how you went.
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Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

#1 Post by arpie » Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:37 am

Hi guys

i got a call from Briana last weekend to say she was up for a couple of days ..... and even tho it was looking rather windy ...... we thought we'd be able to hide behind the islands somewhere and stay out of the wind ..... but that didn't happen - so it was a bit annoying! :?:

We were fishing the real shallows - sometimes the fins were actually holding position - so no need to use the Stake Out Poles!! :wink: Don't EVER underestimate how good fish can be found in the real shallows!! :lek:

The little suckers turned up early .... and I dropped one really nice fish & had hits & misses on others ......
Then Briana arrived
Another smallish one ...
So I measured it 'to be sure' - and blow me down, it went 29m !! If it was a comp, it would be legal!
Then the line took off ..... with the reel screaming! This was a good fish! Blow me down, a big fat whiting!!
It went 35cm, but fought WELL above it's length!
I was getting a heap of hits but lots of misses! So I went back to where I'd missed the 'biggie' early in the day ...... and blow me down - he was still there! :lek:
And went 34cm!
The wind was REALLY annoying - but we stuck it out - Briana was getting hits but not hookups .... her first time in this spot - I reckon she'll be back tho! :gu:

Just to round the day off, a bloody Long Tom grabbed the lure! :devil:
So whilst we didn't get a HEAP of fish - and the tide was a bit shallow too ..... so I reckon I'll try & time it more for a higher tide & less wind next time!!

I might even bring my fly rod down one day & try the area on fly!

cheers & thanks for reading!

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Re: Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

#2 Post by yaqdoq » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:08 am

Some good fish there arpie . Love the indian salute .
Love long Tom on lures , usually a good surface fight / display .
Thanks for the report.

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Re: Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

#3 Post by Dinger » Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:05 pm

Great report & pics as usual,nice whiting,ive had one of them long toms hanginf off my finger,little buggers.

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Re: Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

#4 Post by PA Pete » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:49 pm

Great pic's and read Roberta thanks :wink:
Cheers Pete

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Re: Breamin' with Briana! Topwater again!

#5 Post by mAx » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:02 am

Gosh I could never tire of your reports Arpie, most of us grew up fishing those kinds of areas, and i'm sure ALL of our first kayak exploits were done in the same types of areas too! Don't ever stop
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