Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

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Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

#1 Post by Cubits » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:14 pm

I'm currently going through a phase of chasing pelagics every time the wind and swell permit, and as a result i haven't been out nearly enough this year. So when my friends decided to hit the GC late at night on Friday for some land-based bait soaking (shudder), i reluctantly went along knowing that a perfect Saturday morning fish was going to be scuttled. But i might snatch a jack or two...

While the others picked up a few small bream from the bridge, i hummingbirded from pontoon to pontoon, fluttering a flappy powerbait past a complete absence of mangrove jacks.

We moved onto a new bridge which was bottlenecking the tidal run, and the prawns were cruising with the flow, and right into the jaws of surface-smashing bigeye trevally. My 15 year old combo of jarvis walker sensor-tip and shimano cx1000r already had a 50mm kmart popper on it i was going to use for bream, so it was flicked into the fracas and boom!


I've been trying to retire this reel by breaking it on a fish for years now. It has survived a 20kg cobia peeling it clean, and although it doesn't sound right any more, it still held together after the trev took 80m off. I'd forgotten how hard they puch above their weight, this guy was the biggest of the night but only went 45cm.


And because i've never actually tried it, i decided to take him home to see how they eat. He was bled and put on ice instantly, i have a feeling they're quite a bloody fish otherwise.


They produce really nice, firm fillets, which remind me of a cross between kingfish and tuna. The first part i seared naturally in a pan which confirmed that to be true. The rest i cooked up seared with a yuzu/green chili rub, with an edamame pea puree. I used to work at Sake restaurant and that was always my favourite way to prepare tuna, and trevally has a similarly strong flavour which can tango with that bite.

Another great way to serve it would be as sashimi with a yuzu soy, a paper slice of raw jalapeno, and a coriander leaf. That's the gateway sashimi for most people i've offered it to, generally in kingfish. I think trevally gets a bad wrap as a table fish because people are comparing it to much more delicate things like flathead, bream, or whiting. They're good for different reasons.

Anyway, here's the damage done to my gillies popper. I got a bulk pack of these as a christmas present from someone who knows i like fishing but not much else about it. The rear treble nearly folded like a paper clip, and i think only my floppy jarvis walker rod saved it from pulling completely.


I'll definitely be heading out again soon to pull up more of a feed for the family, maybe try some coconut and dry curries (the very firm flesh will hold up really well). Will be beefing up those trebles, but the el-cheapo poppers are going into full-time service. Excellent christmas present, those. :p

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Re: Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

#2 Post by Marty75 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:24 pm

Nice fish, they are great to eat simply battered too.


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Re: Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

#3 Post by rocketV » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:44 pm

cool report :cool:
Fresh is best, but I don't mind some salt every now and then!

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Re: Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

#4 Post by Paulioq » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:08 am

wow a kmart lure actually caught a fish I thought it was a myth. good on yah those trevs are great fun on light gear. I find they eat well 40cm to 55cm we get tea leaf trevs up here. any smaller and there to oily and any bigger there to dry but the middle ones are just right

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Re: Gold Coast Canals - Trevs by moonlight

#5 Post by shappy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:12 pm

nice mate!
I recon the trevs are good eating aswell, have done the same with bleeding and on ice straight away.

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