Causeway Lake 23 Feb and a little consequential catch

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Causeway Lake 23 Feb and a little consequential catch

#1 Post by Ads22 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:16 pm

I had Friday off, so after a decision late Thursday night I managed to get out for an early start at the Causeway, thanks to the in laws doing school drop off. I sent a late message to rocky to see if he was available. I got to the lake before sun up and saw prawns skipping in the headlights. Out came the cast net and I netted a good handful of prawns quickly, and a random cast in the dark netted a good number of mullet. They were sat aside for later! I headed onto the water and quickly picked up a little grunter on the troll. I often find an early fish here can mean a slow day for me. It became that way. After a while, rocky called to say he was heading down. So was the thunder and rain. I was already making a beeline to the back of the lake where there is a shack to take shelter. Thankfully, the storm seemed to avoid the lake and I was able to fish through. As I headed to the creeks, I stopped at a nice large snag. One cast across the front with the GG and it was hammered and in no time I was in the snag with a solid jack. Being only my bream rod, it didn't last long and while trying to adjust the line under a branch it went twang, fish gone, lure gone.
Excited by the prospect of jacks eating, I soldiered on. I pushed up the first creek and as I reached the shack, found myself a small jack on an unweighted Squidgy Prawn.
I worked further up for no interest, then back again. As I exited the creek, a back handed cast and moderate, twitchy retrieve was hit close to the yak and I got a flash of another chunky jack. The line pulled hard for a moment, but the hook failed to stick.
A little frustrated but still excited, I kept on. I trolled up the channel, then circled back to attack the previously targeted snag. No luck on the original one. The next likely snag along I put a cast across the front with the Atomic Shad and it was hammered. A run for open, then a sharp run to the snag and I was done again, despite the drag being all but locked up. The 8lb bream leader held up for a while until again it went twang under a little pressure as the yak approached the snag. Bugger!
I fished on for a while, then wound up in the main lake where I found rocky yakking on the phone! :lol: He had been more successful on a fishing front than I, and was ready to head home. I am a sucker for punishment and may have hung around, but did need to get back for school pick up. After a little chat, we headed for the cars. My mullet were still alive, and prawns nice and cool.

Included as a consequence of the yak trip:
On the way back into Rockhampton, I was an hour ahead of schedule, so pulled in at the Fitzroy at one of my favoured spots. I left the prawns to take home and took the mullet down to the water. One live bait out and flicking lures, the first livie didn't survive long. I put a more feisty looking bait on and sent it out. Just on half an hour the bait went off and after a little tussle I had a 75cm barra to take home. While not from the yak, it was the yak trip that led to this barra. Shortly after I packed up and headed to the school. Friday night it was prawns and barra for dinner!
Sunday night I still had some mullet alive and didn't want to waste them. After family commitments, I headed out again for a little session and just on half an hour, pulled in an undersized barra. About 45 minutes later I pulled in a little catfish on my last livie. A little surgery and the hook was out and was able to salvage a very slimy mullet all but gone. I re-pinned and tossed it back out while I flicked a Happy Rock Softies 'Willy' (check this company out, they are some pretty darn good plastics!). Not long and I hooked up to a SOLID barra on the 3-6kg rod. It surfaced and created a massive belly flop. The sound echoed it was that loud! I was excited, but after a good fight, managed to get snagged on rocks and the fish was gone, while the line still snagged! As I tried to release the snag, the mullet went off. A quick fiddle to release the bail arm on the light rod, I switched rods and a more brief fight revealed a 61cm barra. I couldn't believe I dropped a ripper barra to immediately land a just legal one, how lucky unlucky! This one came home for the family and I was pretty happy to have got the trip in Friday morning, and to have grabbed the castnet as a last second addition!
We have now had three good feeds of barra over the weekend and more to come!

Pretty keen for the next yak trip, but the weather is playing rainy games at the moment. The creeks at the back of the Causeway were pretty murky looking, but the lake was much clearer, so far. I think this will all change for a while now! Must go heavy on the jacks from now on.

Happy fishing!

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Re: Causeway Lake 23 Feb and a little consequential catch

#2 Post by rocketV » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:52 pm

mmmm that feed looks tasty! Sounds like action is heating up for you :cool:
Fresh is best, but I don't mind some salt every now and then!

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Re: Causeway Lake 23 Feb and a little consequential catch

#3 Post by HoverDog » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:20 pm

Ahhh the poor little under rated causeway, did my boat license there. Beautiful spot just on sunrise

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Re: Causeway Lake 23 Feb and a little consequential catch

#4 Post by arpie » Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:11 pm

Well done YOU!! I can’t wait for my next trip north to hopefully hook a Barra with you!! That would just be awesome!! I reckon you’ve got them pegged now!

Happy Easter!

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