Breamin' with Barra, and some Giant Herring to top it off.

Been fishing the estuaries? Let us know how you went.
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Breamin' with Barra, and some Giant Herring to top it off.

#1 Post by Ads22 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:37 am

Video here:

Two weeks ago I injured my knee at work when a horse kicked me in the right knee and left thigh. Since then I have been off work until the sutures are removed. I have also had to keep the site dry, as well as recover from the bruising and soreness, which has meant no fishing or kayak. I have regained a good amount of movement now, and yesterday took to the water, despite still having sutures in place. I did opt for waterproof pants to prevent the sutures from getting wet, which was a good call, since it was overcast with a few showers, instead of the forecast sunshine! The knee handled things quite well, since I was sitting down the whole time! :lol:
Knee sutures_M.jpg
I elected for Causeway Lake, since it is an easy launch and not tide-dependent. I knew the wind would be a little higher than desired, but still mostly comfortable. Launching at first light, I aimed to troll my regular pattern, which runs in the deeper portion (all 5 feet of it) along the northern arm, and this time, drift back along this section hopping small soft vibes, blades and plastics hoping to get a Barra as I have caught them along here before. I trolled into the SE wind, then turned at the marker buoy into the main channel toward the bridge, which runs to 3m deep at points. Just after turning into the main channel, about 15 minutes into my session, my Strike Pro Smelta on the light rod was hit. It peeled a little drag, but didn't feel overly heavy. As it turned out, this was because the fish was swimming toward me faster than I could retrieve. I felt a few shakes during the retrieve and was thinking Flathead, then it woke up and went aerial. My next thought was Tarpon, however, the next leap cleared the water and my head height, covering a good couple of metres. This had to be a Giant Herring, and a decent size, at that! On 5lb braid and I think 8lb leader, the fight took a little, with thick slime smearing the leader, testing the 1000 size reel. Indeed, after about 4-5 minutes, a nice GH came to the net, going 58cm. A pretty happy start to the morning, I noted that a Barra at that size would be nice for the table!
I trolled up to the bridge, then drifted back along the deeper sections, casting a small soft vibe with the hard body out the back. As I drifted over the drop off into the northern arm, my reel screamed again. This fish was awake from the start with another good fight, this one about 3 minutes, and a slightly smaller GH came to the net, again on the Smelta lure.
Four casts later, I cast the vibe to a shallow point and picked up a feisty little fish. At first I thought I'd missed the hit, but soon realised that this fish, too, was swimming toward me. As it neared the yak, it took off and fought hard. I thought I might have a nice sized flathead, but the runs didn't quite fit, maybe a small Barra? Nope, it turned out to be a nice little Giant Trevally.
I set up for my troll up wind with a pink Micro Mullet and the Smelta out the back. Half way up the northern arm, I was hit by a fish that was on a mission. That drag screamed as the fish hammered away. The drag was set reasonably light, being a light leader and typically aiming at Flathead and Bream, but also very useful for larger fish on the lighter line. I tightened up a little, but still it fought hard and fast. I could feel the tough runs building just before they happened and that suggested to me it would be a Barra or something similar. Surprisingly, despite taking it easy on the light line and small lure, the fight only lasted 5 minutes, before I brought a nice little Barra to the net. A further surprise when the fish went 60cm, meaning it would come home for dinner! :grin:
The hooks on the poor little Smelta were well bent, but the give in the 1-4kg Raider allowed them to hold just enough to bring the fish to the net!

It had already turned out to be a great morning and I considered calling it quits right then. However, I continued on for a couple of hours, hoping to find another good fish. A few showers came through, and the fishing went quiet. I had a couple of half-hearted hits on and eventually picked up one tiny Flathead on an Ecogear ZX30.

I was very happy to be on the water again, and to get onto some nice fish. Always happy to land a Barra! The Rocky Barra Bounty is on at the moment, and at this point mid way through day three (the final day) there have been over 450 Barra caught. Perhaps one day I can enter the bounty and fish it from the yak? On another note, Awoonga is on fire right now! One kayaker landed 10 in a session last week, and there are schools of fish being landed. If you haven't caught Barra, a trip to Awoonga is well worth the effort the way it is looking at the moment. I haven't been on the lake as yet, but aim to in the next few weeks. Will definitely report if I find a fish or two!!

Cheers and happy to be fishing again!

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