First time sounderising on Kurwongbah - 5/11/17

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First time sounderising on Kurwongbah - 5/11/17

#1 Post by Cubits » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:36 pm

Oh man, how good are sounders/fish finders?! :p

I've fished Kurwongbah for a while, but it was mostly shore-based and involved picking a lot of weed off of trebles. In September i picked up my Viking GT and it got me behind the weed, which made things WAY easier, but still left me either casting along the back of weed banks, or driving around blind hoping i ran through a school.

Two weeks ago i finally copped a Garmin 45cv, and after a successful trip in Moreton bay where i caught my first mackerel, it was time to find out what was actually happening on the bottom of Kurwongbah!

Having never read a sounder before, i found the contour mapping to be an amazing help! The banks at the lake are deceptively flat and even, yet i found many dropoffs from 3m to 10m way closer to the shore than i expected. After a little driving around, i found a speed-bump at 5m which had a pile of bait on one side, and a pile of bass on the other. I set my mark, and went over it with two rods fitted with a 3B Deep Fatdog (my favourite flathead lure) and a Zman minnowz in opening night (my favourite jack lure).

Boom, both rods go off. First two bass are 28cm and 34cm.


After a few goes over the spot and pulling in several more average-sized bass, i had a little drive around to map out a bit more of the lake and see what's going on down there. The clear vu has crazy detail; i could make out individual tree stumps, rocks, and turtles which lit up like rocks 4m off the bottom! But every time i drove back over that first mark it produced. Eventually i just sat upwind of the spot and started casting in to get a bit more feel of the strikes. Great fun!



I had intended to do a bit of top-water fishing before sunset as i've never caught a bass on a popper before, but the wind didn't relent until 6pm. I was reluctantly paddling in to beat the gate closure as the bass started smashing bugs on the surface in the shallows. But it was still a great couple of hours, ending up with 16 caught and released.


Nice sunset as a storm loomed over the south. Good to see the water level of the lake finally back up to the grass-line, it makes the hike to and from the car slightly more tolerable.

Anyone pulled a yellowbelly out of this lake recently? I know it's been stocked with a few, and a friend caught one a few years back, but i haven't seen one in a long time. I'm still debating whether or not to grab a license for north pine dam for this season, that's a very pretty lake. Hmmm....

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Re: First time sounderising on Kurwongbah - 5/11/17

#2 Post by Ads22 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:22 am

Nice report there Cubits. Was hoping it would come up on here after seeing some pics on Viking Owners group. Done well.

How do you like the GT?
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Re: First time sounderising on Kurwongbah - 5/11/17

#3 Post by dinodadog » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:28 am

There are a lot of mounds in lake K that hold bass, I usually troll looking for these then cast blades.
North Pine is fireing at the moment if you can find the schools, as I have said plenty of times I cant wait each year to get the 110 dollars out of my pocket. Last 5 trips 23,116,73,71 and 74 on monday all on lures.

Fish while you can.
I am not a bass addict but I am very fond of them

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