Upper Clarence Doughnut.

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Upper Clarence Doughnut.

#1 Post by allane » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:59 am

I decided on an overnighter to the upper Clarence, for a little Bass action. Conditions seemed perfect as I set off down river at 6.30pm.
Casting a surface lure at all available shadows draws nil results. To make matters difficult, a gusty breeze has sprung up. Positioning the kayak now became quite a chore. I persisted on and finally, at 9pm, the lure is absolutely smashed. I come up tight on what seems a good fish, but sadly luck is against me, and the line goes slack. I call it for a Cod or possible a Bass, but one will never know.
Finally at 10pm the wind dies off and the crescent moon smiles down on the water. The river however is almost lifeless, no herrings splashing the surface, just still. I get another feeble hit, which was probably a small Bass, but again no hookup.
!0.30 and again the wind springs up. I decide to head back to camp, as I have around 2km to paddle back, and as usual the wind is straight in my face. One last cast and the lure is crunched. Seems like a good fish, though the fight is a little unusual, with a lot of splashing going on. Finally in sight and behold, its an Eel. I've caught a couple of these over the years and learnt, definitely, unless you like slime, don't net it.
After mutch thrashing and twisting, it fortunately get off, leaving the lure and leader completely wrapped up, and covered in slime. The slime sets like gel or silastic, what a mess. I cut the lure off to tend to in the morning. Next day I need the scissors to remove the leader and get slime from the lure.
Finally after battling wind and current, the clouds have come in, and the moon has disappeared. I'm back at camp for a late night cuppa and off to bed.
Next morning before leaving, I decided to have a snorkel around the shallows. The river was bare. No Bass no Cod, just a couple of eel tail catties and one large Eel.
Normally one would expect to see numerous small Bass among the logs. Hopefully next time it will fish better. Still a nice way to spend a couple of days.
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Re: Upper Clarence Doughnut.

#2 Post by lantana » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:15 pm

bad luck no fish but overnight camp and time on the river is what it all about, thanks mate for posting

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