River Waveney (UK) 30.12.06 49cm Pike (a baby!)

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River Waveney (UK) 30.12.06 49cm Pike (a baby!)

#1 Post by snapper » Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:20 pm

Well, I got afloat - later than expected as after deciding last night to probably cancel, this morning was a glorious day, but windy. Great thought I, except my little girl was ill, so I cancelled anyway. Lunchtime came and she felt better, and wanted to go to her grandparents. So, at 1:30pm I launched at my alternate spot (not enough hours of light to head for my usual stamping ground).

the water was low, very low. No-one on the bank was catching, the boats I saw weren't catching - and nor the bloody hell was I!

Resigned to a blank, I crept wide past another boat moored mid-stream and had my first run, on a blue mackerel Shakespeare Big S. The run stopped and the lasiest pike I ever caught sidled up to the boat. I'd say around 3lb in weight, he measured up at a stunning (!) 49cm from fork to tip of the snout. Not the smallest pike I ever caught but certainly not a big one. But hey, I don't mind what size they are, I just like to catch them.


Things didn't really improve, and more paddling got me nowhere. With it getting late I was heading up past a second moored boat, and stopped to have a chat. Trying to light a cigarette was proving difficult so I modified the flame on my lighter and nearly took my ****ing face off, much to everyones amusement. Anyway, had a good natter and lapped up the 'I like your style' and 'do you catch from that?' and 'must be s truggle with a large pike' comments, and we wished each other luck etc. I headed back up to the starting point, then down again and a couple of hundred metres from them I had my second fish on! This back-breaking tackle-wrenching stomach-churning hard-fighting leviathan of the depths dwarfed my redhead Shakespeare Big S (just) and took almost 3 seconds to fight to a standstill. I'd say he was around 16oz, as it sounds better than a pound tops, and if I'd had a measuring device graduated in millimetres i'd have gone for it. 250-300mm tops, but as runner-up I placed him back quickly instead. Not that i'm complaining, mind, a run is a run and a fish is a fish.


So, thanks River Waveney, thanks Mr and Miss Esox Lucius, and thanks Starvinmarvin for the excuse to get out. And get soaked towards the end of my afternoons fishing!

England, 49 for 2!


#2 Post by Ben » Sun Dec 31, 2006 10:05 pm

Gday Snapper

Mate nice work on the Pike :cool:

Cheers Ben :D

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