G'day from a Kayak Wyangala Cod hunter..

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G'day from a Kayak Wyangala Cod hunter..

Postby IbrahimConlon » Wed May 17, 2017 8:30 pm

g'day guys

Just introducing myself and happy & honoured to be a member. I took my kayak on her maiden voyage over the weekend over 3 days after competing her fitout. Its a Malibu mini-x 2.7m long (fits inside my Honda Odyssey). With Humminbird 150 Piranha sounder, anchor, and added 4 stroke kayak engine on mount-it is well setup for fishing. I added seat & bum cushion for added comfort.

I had her on the roof with straps but anything over 40km/hr made too much noise (is this normal?) so decided to squeeze her inside the 7 seater Honda.

Below is my report and first experience in using (a) kayak and (b) fish finder to seek out fish. Headed to my favourite haunt WYANGALA DAM in central NSW (4 hours from Sydney)for very late season Cod lure hunting.

Im 6'1 and although not fat, Im not thin. Overall I found it quite comfortable and first day couldn't get engine going (murphys law ofc) so I rowed around the dam on first day. Somewhat tiring yet good exercise and less work than expected. The kayak goes through the water nicely and with deep powerstrokes can get up to 8 Knots I estimate.

It was exciting to be on the water on a Dam where I know every rock, every hole, every tree, every headland as I have fished this place since age 9 (31 years) though drought & flood.

I found the Malibu stable and had no worries with overturning. with 2 rod holders I could troll quite easily and its stealthy to be rowing among the trees with 2 rods set out and trolling large cod lures that were hitting bottom at 6.5m on the fishfinder. (ie; very deep diving lures-therefore I know my lures were in the right fish zone).

Plenty of fish sounding; I would presume the shallower fish were carp and the bigger fish in deeper water, hanging around trees were yellowbelly and then u see down deep a huge fish alone-I reckon the big cod. Saw some very large shapes down to 41m which Im amazed about. Fish down at 38, 40, 41m which I think is amazing. I noted (first time using fish finder) where fish were concentrating and where they weren't. They concentrated on headlands, in the lee of winds on rocky points, around trees and were not along barren banks; all consistent with being native fish. I found this very interesting.

Plenty fishing showing-not striking. I did lose 1 cod after taking too long to take rod out of rod holder and set the hooks.

The second day I got the engine going and it was no dramas, apart from the (cheap) transom bracket I bought off ebay was weak and rotated & not holding weight of engine so I had to tape it up for quick fix but still not do the job; So that was uncomfortable as I had to manually hold the engine upright to stop rotating on the bracket which was not good. However-it beats rowing!

The added side-mounted small (9kg) engine did through the kayak off balance noticeably. I had to lean to left side to counter balance but it makes travel over bigger distances better. I aim to fix the bracket to be rigid and plan a spring trip as native fishing is dead atm in central west.

In all-the Malibu mini-x I think is a good starter level kayak. I have her set up for serious fishing and I now have good experience in using it. Its stealthy. Paddling among trees and dropping anchor down and fishing in 15-20 feet water where the fish seem to concentrate is deadly and cant wait for summer months.


Ibrahim. Cod hunter
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Re: G'day from a Kayak Wyangala Cod hunter..

Postby simons rat » Thu May 18, 2017 11:16 am

welcome to the forum. Looks like you have definitely put some thought into your first setup.

What type of racks are on your car and what type of strap? Sometimes straps can make a whirring noise. If this is a case, putting a twist in the strap usually stops it.

Looking forward to reading about your cod hunting.


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Re: G'day from a Kayak Wyangala Cod hunter..

Postby IbrahimConlon » Thu May 18, 2017 7:10 pm

ty Simon well I tried ratchet-type straps (x4) plus extra 2 straps and it was rigid-no doubt. but once go over 40km, unbearable vibration and noise so I aborted that plan...

yeah it will be late spring until im on the water again I reckon. need to invest in a stronger bracket and may consider an electric motor
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Re: G'day from a Kayak Wyangala Cod hunter..

Postby Rory222 » Sat May 20, 2017 11:48 pm

Welcome Cod Hunter

Glad you enjoyed your first trip out on your new yak. It takes a few trips to really work out the best setups and what works best but that's all part of the fun...so long as you stay safe while doing it.

Have fun as you fine tune your setup and good luck chasing the big cod! We look forward to reading about it!

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