Hello Again

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Hello Again

#1 Post by Outback Jack » Sun May 21, 2017 7:30 am

Hi All,

Its been a while since I've been on this site. So long in fact that I couldn't remember my login details or recover them as they were associated with an old email address. I had to create a new profile and am now a newbie again.

I sort of faded away from kayak fishing and indeed fishing in general due to work commitments and location (not near good water). That however has all changed as I have had a change in location to Tuncurry NSW and have an awesome fishery 100m from my front door. While work is still demanding and is not in Tuncurry, I get to come home most weekends and it is far better than where I was, from a fishing perspective.

After have owned a OK Prowler Ultra 4.3 and currently own a Jackson Coosa and WS Tsunami (that I also fish from) and consider myself a traditionalist at heart (paddle not Pedal). That said I wanted to get my wife into kayak fishing as well and was informed the only way that was going to happen was with a Hobie. Her argument being that she would not be able to keep up with me using a paddle. I assured her its not a race.......... but that was that and a Hobie it had to be. So off we went to the local dealer and checked them out. We have been looking at these boats for years and always liked the concept, but as I said above, the purest in me couldn't let go and make the leap to the peddles and the price was off-putting as well.

After much deliberation I bought her a Blue Hobie Outback with the 180 Mirage Drive. The next morning we headed to the end of our street and launched her on her maiden voyage. Wife in Outback peddling away, me (the purist) in my Coosa paddling along. Off we went!

The Hobie was travelling nicely through the calm Tuncurry waters with minimal effort and I was paddling at a steady pace.... no sweat, yet. She was putting on a burst of speed every now and then to show off and also peddling in reverse. Then in came time to wet line. This is were the Coosa was going to shine. I started to flick my favourite SP in an attempt to show off the fishing prowess of the Coosa. Looking over at my wife, she was struggling with the working the SP as I has shown her and I paddled over to give her a hand and another demonstration. Low and behold I must have hit the fish on the head and was hooked up to a little Flattie. That was enough for her, muttering something about being a smarta$$ she peddled off goading me to try and keep up. All in all a successful first outing for her.

The next afternoon (while she was out) I stealthily manoeuvred her Hobie down the street and tried it for myself..... As I started peddling (this feels weird) I'm thinking No. I don't like this! But I was on the water, moving at a steady pace with a fishing rod in my hands (this was novel I'll admit). I was going for about half and hour or so, when in dawned on me how much ground I had covered. This Hobie was looking a bit better. Minutes later I has my first fish for the trip in the boat, a 38cm Flattie, quickly followed by another (its twin brother) 38cm. Hobie was looking even better again. The ease of moving the craft around will landing a fish compared to a paddle yak is awesome. I looked at the time and realised I had better get her beat back home and in bed before she got home from work and had to high tail it out of there. Now I did get a sweat up, but boy was I moving! There is no way I could have covered that distance in that time in my Coosa (yes I know its not a fast kayak, but cab do everything. Well almost!).

Thats it I was sold. Then next day I went back to the dealer and bought myself the Camo Series Outback and got the bonus of Turbo Fins. I've only had it out once so far and Christened it with three Flatties, the largest measuring 48cm. Now I still love my Jackson Coosa and in some ways it is better that the Hobie, but I can cover so much more water and have lure in action more quickly in the Hobie not to mention the awesomeness of the reverse drive. Imagine if you could combine the two, Coosa and Outback, or Coosa with Mirage Drive. Its nice to dream.

Anyway, apologies for the longwinded introduction and story of my life. I'm just a bit excited about being back on the water and having a new yak and wanted to share. If anyone wants some company for a fish in this area, Feel free to PM me, I'm always keen (work permitting).


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Re: Hello Again

#2 Post by Ke00 » Sun May 21, 2017 12:39 pm

Welcome (back) Outback Jack,

What a great introduction. As a Hobie owner, I know what you mean about the benefits of the Hobie. Well I hope you keep up catching fish on each of your trips out...

Enjoy yourself.

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Re: Hello Again

#3 Post by arpie » Sun May 21, 2017 6:33 pm

Welcome to the forum, Dean ..... there's a HEAP of info on here, re estuary fishing & fresh water fishing, off shore fishing .... you name it, we've got it!! :wink:

There are a few of us from Forster on the forum so don't be afraid to yell out to anyone in yaks you see on the water! Chances are they may know of me (Roberta/Arpie) or Huggie/Dave or Norm or Riles/Chris ...... and there are some quieter members too! :lol:

I was fishing Tuncurry last Friday week in my Hobie Sport (sadly hasn't got the 180 Drive! :cry: ) but I get around OK - and got a heap of bream, dropping some nice ones & spooking some big flatties! Having the 180 will be game changing for me - being able to pedal away with a big fish locked up on your rod & unable to retrieve as it tries to skull drag you back to it's hidey hole ......

Yep, I understand exactly how you went thru the decision making process to go with Hobie ..... I still have my old 'sit in' yak - and will never go out in it again! :lol: I kept trying to 'pedal' in it & change direction with the non-existant 'rudder' ..... and my back ached at the end of the day, last time I took it out!! It is now only for guests!! (Mind you, when I go out, I am often out for 6hrs +!! :wink:

See you on the water one day! :gu:


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Re: Hello Again

#4 Post by DolanOutdoors » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:25 pm

G'day mate yeah I have to admit after paddling a Viking Espri around for a while once you try a Outback you will never go back haha.
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