Doin stuff with Dino goes Kayakin

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Doin stuff with Dino goes Kayakin

#1 Post by DoinStuffWithDino » Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:12 am

Hello Floating Humans

Dino here from the YouTube Channel & Instagram "Doin stuff with Dino"
I make silly vids on YouTube of all the stuff I do and adventures I go on.
I'm now embarking on some new stuff to do now I've moved out to the coast & 1 of them is Kayaking & all the cool things peeps are doin on them these days.
While skimming through YouTube vids on general rod fishing I came a across a dude called TimmyTurtle & his home built pontoon raft #PipeDreams.
This inspired me to design my own raft but for bowfishing aswell as rod fishing..
Whilst doing research into the design of #BowahsArk ( a play on words with Noah's Ark but for bowfishing) :lol:
I come across another YouTuber that goes by the name of RokkitKit, a fishing buddy of TimmyTurtle that goes kayak fishing in some crazy Carbon fibre kayak that looks like a porche for the water.
Anyway watching both of these guys vids has inspired me to do both,,, kayaking & build a pontoon raft.
Ha !
Why not I say!
That's what Doin Stuff with Dino is all about.
So I've got my self a second hand kayak to get me goin , learning the ropes in the meantime gathering bits and pieces to build #BowahsArk.
Which has bought me here in search of knowledge, tips & how to's.
That's what's Doin rite about now.
If u would like to check my YouTube channel for a bit of a laugh hit the link

Or you can check my Instagram @doinstuffwithdino

Hope to catch yaz amoungst it!


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