Greetings from the Northern Tablelands

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Greetings from the Northern Tablelands

#1 Post by Alan79 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:19 pm

Hi everybody.
My name is Alan. My parents have told me stories about my fishing that I don't even remember since I started pretty young. So it's safe to say I've loved wetting a line for as long as I was physically capable of wetting one. My earliest fishing memories are of hiring boats on the Hawkesbury as well as fishing trips in port Maquarie when visiting my grandad up there as well as more common trips to areas around Sydney harbour. But my family has never really owned boats so most of my fishing has been from shore in various locations, mostly in salt water as a youngster and from my early teen years I've mostly fished rivers in the northern tablelands.

Throughout most of my high school years I attended a tiny central school that managed to secure the use of 12 canoes and a pair of Kayaks through CAP (Country Areas Program) through the persistence of a teacher who was a qualified instructor. I was lucky enough to spend a year learning how to canoe with 23 other lucky students and to top it off with a three day canoeing and camping trip down the Nymboida river. I thought this was an absolutely brilliant way to spend a few days and it planted a seed that stuck with me for many years before I eventually bought my own Kayak pretty recently.

A couple of months ago i picked up a nice little Kayak off a local facebook buy swap or sell site for $250. It was a real bargain for the price as far as I'm concerned but it's not an ideal fishing Kayak yet. I'm slowly doing some modifications to make it better though. I have no idea what brand of Kayak it is and I've spent quite a while looking at pictures of kayaks online to try and find out. But included in the package was a Kayak that the seller assures me had spent less than 8 hours on the water, two kayak trollies, one clip together paddle and a rashy shirt that had also spent less than 8 hours on the water and a couple of good quality ratcher tie downs. The shirt, trollies and paddle alone are worth $200 plus, so despite getting a kayak that I don't consider an Ideal fishing weapon (yet), I'm happy with the pickup and doing some modifications has been great fun since i enjoy doing some DIY stuff when I have a little spare time. After driving 140km to buy my Kayak i was faced with a slight problem. I'd asked for measurements on the Yak and measured up the internal space in my SUV to see if I'd be able to transport it without racks (I didn't want to buy racks since i wasn't certain that I'd buy the Kayak). When i tried getting the Kayak into the car i found out that the actual measurement was about 40cm longer than the seller had told me which wound up being around 30cm longer than i could fit conveniently into the car. So my first adventure was working out how in gods name i was getting my little beast home. After folding down the back seats and the passenger seat in the front i managed to tie it into the car with the back door of my Daihatsu Terios open a foot. These cars are fairly narrow and my kayak was resting on my shoulder around 6cm from my head for the drive home. I excitedly sent some photo's to my fishing buddy in pirate lingo, he immediately replied "Arr Matey she be a fine lookin vessel, but what be her name?". It was something i hadn't given any thought to but since the time my Yak and had spent together so far had been with her sitting on my shoulder I decided to call her Parrot.

Since picking up Parrott I've made a few purchases to improve things for fishing and transporting Parrot. The list includes.
- Sixth gear soft racks which I think are great and economical.
- A glide brand clip on rod holder set that attaches to the seat (with some small mods required to attach it since Glide didn't really put any thought into how they would attach)
- An Anchor.
- A life jacket.
- A rogue landing net
- Two tackle boxes that are better suited to fitting into the Kayak than the large tackle box I've been using for about ten years.
- Some cheap neoprene shoes to use since I destroyed my old sneakers on my first trip out when the sole ripped off when walking through mud.

Aside from that I've done some DIY fixes as well. Including
- Finding a way to attach the seat back rod holders. The glide pack has only one side of 2 part clips which don't attach to my non glide seat, so i bought some double sided velcro strips from a bargain store which solved the issue of attachment and removed the clips. But the rod holders dig into the kidneys after a few hours on the water'.
- Making the trollies carry the Kayak. My Kayak has a round section on the bottom running from front to back while the two trollies are both flat. My solution was to cut out a flat board and screw on some wood strips either side so my yak balances on the wood rather than sliding around on the flat trolley top even after trying every possibhle solution to attach with tie downs.
- A PVC rod Holder set of my own design.

I'm not really finished with my Kayak mod's yet and i have a feeling that I'll upgrade to a better kayak at some stage when i find a bargain (because every $$$ i save on kayak price can add to my lure selection). But I've found this site helpful for giving me ideas about mods and some fishing strategies. So thanks for the inspiration to everybody that has contributed to the DIY section and to everybody here who have made this a nice little community where I can indulge in reading about my newest time sink and obsession.
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