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THe Mid coast freshwater w/e

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:40 am
by justforfun
Due to an unexpected breakdown at work I had to pullout of the w/e with the Mid coast fresh water w/e but still managed a quick session with the Fly rod friday evening. I chose to take the 6wt as i hoped there would be a hatch happening due to the weather conditions. Arriving at my chosen jumpoff point I walked into the area I was hoping would be clear of weed as the last time I had been there it was choked with it and it was with the water level also higher. Fishing sub surface while waiting for the sun to drop and the cloud cover slowly building i had one bump that took one of the tail feathers off my fly and then nothing for the next hour ,then as the light faded I changed over to surface flies while doing this I noticed a large bass cruising the edge but was gone before I could get the a fly in front of it let alone a shot with the camera. Shortly after bass started hitting the surface all over the little bay I was fishing changing down in fly size to the smallest surface fly I had I eventually cracked the pattern which was cast out and then let the fly sit and the fish would take the fly with any strip of the fly it would not be touched .after landing two in two casts and photographing and releasing them I realised the fishing was slowing down so just fished till the fish shutdown landing another 4 before they shutdown completely,then hiking out to catchup with the Mid coasters before heading home to work next morning.cheers Justforfun

Re: THe Mid coast freshwater w/e

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:51 pm
by rocky
Nice fish Noel, wish I could of made it even for a quick arvo session but we cannot forsee changes :roll:

Hope to see you next outing.

Cheers & Beers