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New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:00 pm
by arpie
Hi guys

I headed out on Xmas Eve, to have another go at Fly Fishing from yak ..... and chose the worst possible scenario ....... almost dead low tide in a very shallow area of The Keys!! I'd parked away from the boat ramp & put in, thinking it wouldn't be too bad!! WRONG~!! :roll:

I had to 'walk' the yak for ages before I could even sit on it!! :?: I FINALLY got onto the yak but could only 'flutter' the mirage drive - it was a real pain as I headed towards one of the canals to try & fish in there. However, on the way, it got WAY too shallow & I had to climb out to 'walk' the yak across the final weed area between me and the deeper water! Well - did I get a surprise!! :idiot:

Stepping out, my left leg sunk into the mud almost up to my crotch!! At the same time, I tried to use my other leg to 'lever' the left leg out of the quagmire! :beye: It didn't work! :roll: Now, BOTH legs were caught in the mud up to my crotch! Oh dear!! I am a out in the middle!! Luckily my phone in my pocket was in a waterproof housing ..... or it would have been stuffed! :blah:

I used my stakeout poles to anchor the yak, so I had leverage to try & get my legs out of the muck! It worked! I slowly managed to pull my legs out of the sucking mud and didn't even lose my shoes!! :lek: Lesson learned!! DON'T WALK on areas that are covered with weed!! :roll:

Then I went 'a-fishing' in the canals!! I was casting topwater flies & once again, I was getting hits, but not hookups! :oops: I DID actually hook up to one nice bream & almost got it to the yak - but within a rod length of the yak - it got off! :grr: Another hit was really quite spectacular & I felt the weight of a good fish - but it also got off! :beye:

I DID get pretty good at hooking unmarked crab pots! :grr: Pain in the proverbial!! No floating markers to indicate that they are there - so it is very easy to actually damage your mirage drive fins as well! :devil: Whenever I see crab pots like this - if I can, I relocate them to shore or just stand them up on their sides to alert anyone else to the fact they are there! Most are abandoned & have been there for months! :grr:
Yet Another one!
Heaps of hits & misses followed until I finally hooked my 3rd bream on fly - hardly one to write home about - it was all of about 8cm! :lol: ! :?:
Finally the tide turned & the water started flooding into the area again!! :gu: I started fishing the edges again & got hits on topwater lures. I cast towards the edge of the bay & get a great strike!! I immediately feel good weight & know that I am onto a good fish!! :lek: As I slowly get it to the yak, it dives into the weed, trying to rub me out! Luckily I won the fight!! :gu: The netted fish came on board with a lot of weed decoration!
It was a chunky fish ...... easily in the mid 30s!
It went 35.5cm ..... a new PB for Yak Fly caught Bream!! :lek:
I was STOKED!! I think I have turned the corner on this fly fishing caper ..... I still do 'stuffed' casts now & then - but am doing more & more 'better quality ones' in between ...... so that is good!! I find when I start doing TOO MANY stuffed casts - it is time to pack away the fly gear & grab the spin gear! :grin:

Which was when I hooked this nice flattie! :lol: It went about 45cm!!
So all up - altho not that many fish were landed - the 2 main ones were 'quality'!! :wink:

It was a great 'early Xmas present' - I can't wait to start catching fish on a more regular basis!!

cheers & thanks for reading!


Statistics are a fascinating thing ....... I can quite honestly say that 50% of my 4 x fly caught bream have been 35cm or over!! (But this doesn't show the thousands of casts that lead to the capture of these 4 bream! LOL :lol: )

Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:36 pm
by Jamie D
PB ! Gotta love that well done

Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:56 am
by Bwak
Well done ... top job!

Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:41 pm
by windy_kid
Nice work! I just bought a few new flies and I got one that looks like yours, can't wait to try out the top water fly.

How do you do your retrieve?

Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:35 pm
by arpie
Thanks guys! As I said - it is a cast of thousands for not many fish! LOL Hopefully I will get better at it before too long!! :roll:

...How do you do your retrieve?....

Good luck, WIndy kid ..... with my 2 bigger fish it was 'placement' rather than 'retrieve' - both times, the fly landed RIGHT under the edge of an overhanging tree onto the water ..... and the fish just whacked it!! Other times, it's just been an erratic retrieve with pauses - trying to imitate my topwater lure retrieve!

So if you work on accuracy of casting, you'll get more hits than just haphazardly casting in all directions. Basically I try to cast the fly to the same area that I would put my topwater lure - as close to the edges of canals as I can .... or structure ..... where I think the bream are hiding out! :wink:



Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:21 pm
by Freewily
Woooo Hoooo! Well done Roberta. Nice fish! :lek:

Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:32 am
by Rodney W
Good stuff Roberta . The fly looks like a Gurgler with a rubber tail instead of Marabou. It looks like it will survive many bream and flattie attacks.


Re: New Yak Fly Bream PB ..... 35.5cm!

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:54 pm
by justforfun
Nice , and here I am stuck at work till next month.cheers justforfun