Grunter on fly

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Grunter on fly

Postby NorthSIKer » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:11 pm

I was mildly surprised to catch a couple of grunter (javelin) in fly today. Only mildly surprised, as I am increasingly convinced a fly will catch anything a plastic will. Grunter have long been considered a bait only species, although a number of people are getting them consistently on plastics in recent years. Unfortunately all the grunter I caught today (also caught 4 on plastics before changing to the fly) were undersized.

Grunter are the number one bread and butter fish of the north. They hold a position very similar to bream down south, except they get to a reasonable size, fight ok and actually taste pretty good :blah: :lol:

However to catch grunter on fly, you need a very specific technique.

1. Attach a 4 ounce sinker with a mono dropper loop to your snap.
2. ATtach fly to the snap with point up.
3. Place rod in rod holder and let out about 2-3 times the water depth in line.
4. Eat a muesli bar whilst scanning the horizon for any signs of birds hitting bait on the outgoing tide.
5. (Optional) If you think a fish is enquiring on the fly, wiggle the kayak to bounce the rod tip a little for some additional action to the fly.
6. When the fish hooks itself make sure you have a drink of water to wash down the muesli bar before proceeding to wind in the capture.

grunter fly.png
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Re: Grunter on fly

Postby LODO » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:47 pm

That's GOLD!!!

I love your attention to detail on the technique ... you must go through a lot of muesli bars though.
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Re: Grunter on fly

Postby davidsanegor » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:56 pm

Nice one mate
Kind of like using a sabiki
We did the same thing catching big kingfish attaching the fly to the knife jig or snapper lead!
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