Blackash - Berowra waters

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Blackash - Berowra waters

#1 Post by zacpauling » Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:34 am

Thinking of doing an overnighter from Berowra Waters boat ramp at Dusthole Bay to Blackash campsite just past Crosslands reserve, has anyone done this trip before who can give me some tips? Any like minded kayak legends who are keen to get on board are welcome to join me to sink some tinnies and bag a few duskys.

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Re: Blackash - Berowra waters

#2 Post by Steve R » Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:48 am

When I lived in the area, I used to paddle my racing yak up there regularly. Stick to the left hand shore as you head from the ramp to the 4 knot zone and you'll keep clear of most idiots. Once you get beyond the idiot zone, there's some great scenery and a couple of narrow waterways to explore, Around the second corner above the ramp the water get's shallow in places. It's nothing to worry about but it's a good idea to follow the the main channel at low tide. At low tide, you'll get a good look where the weed beds are.

I didn't fish the creek often but have caught a few flathead around mangroves. One of my preferred fishing places was Calabash Bay for bream. As you paddle around the area, keep an eye on the mangroves. They're a home for lost lures.

If you find the time, paddle up the waterways that run into Calabash Bay. As I remember it, you'll be surprised how clear the water is in comparison to Berowra Creek and, if you are observant, you'll get an idea how many fish there must be in the system. If you head up that way it seems nobody obeys the rules. I have memories of an idiot cutting about two meters off my bow kicking up maximum bow wave and tipping me out in the no wash zone between the ramp and Calabash Bay. Take extra care until beyond the last house inside Calabash Bay.
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