My camping food setup

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Re: My camping food setup

#16 Post by canaryfisher » Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:48 pm

Yea it worked out fine. I done trips to peel island before using the about same stuff just not in packets like I named.
The only issue I had was I took the rice from the sunrice meals out of the boxes it came in and put in a zip lock bag 2 days before
and it went moldy within 12 hrs I think because I broke a vacuum seal maybe.. So I went to the shops and bought already cooked
rice that you microwave for $1.20 that is enough for 2 people. Got 2 packs which they were great cause were light and flat compared to
the boxes which were light but bulky.

Packing a kayak with allot of stuff even with food and other things you end up with allot of weight so either way it won't be light.
I think my total weight as a guess of the kayak with my tent, sleeping bag, 2 tarps, clothing, food, fishing gear, battery, fishfinder..etc
Was around hmm i'd say 20-30kg.. So the kayak all up with mods and all would of weighed in at 70kg I would guess that cause I can't pick up that much really
and even with a trolley I can only wheel it for 5m before my arm/hand starts killing and my legs hurt like hell.. after carrying it more then 20m I'm stuffed.

In the water it's like a tank.. While I was going from mainland to the camp area I came across a shallow area that had a massive rip and big surf waves..I nearly dumped it which would of been scary
even though it was shallow (1m) I'd hate to get a bunch of water inside + all my gear.. (yes hobie isn't 100% water sealed).

I posted up about the camp and with issues I had in my other post on here.

I'd never want to walk around with all the stuff I had on a backpack.. Like I did army reserves back when I was around 15 and I hated it, only did it cause I love the adventure and survival stuff.
But I'm weak

I remember when I caught a big 2m shark and pulled my arm muscle :(

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Re: My camping food setup

#17 Post by almeister » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:59 am

Dehydes mean you just carry that much extra weight in water anyway. Its a bit of a scam - lots cheaper to just buy tinned food.

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Re: My camping food setup

#18 Post by NorthSIKer » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:56 pm

almeister wrote:Dehydes mean you just carry that much extra weight in water anyway. Its a bit of a scam - lots cheaper to just buy tinned food.
Only true if there is no water at the campsite. Most have a creek or something.

Not sure if tinned food is cheaper - would be cheaper than specially made dehydrated meals for camping. But look through a normal supermarket or better an Asian grocer and you will find heaps of dried meals (pasta, rice, couscous, noodles) and dried ingredients - all pretty cheap and easy to make up into a good meal.

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