South Currigee camping on 13th Friday Nov - report'ish

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South Currigee camping on 13th Friday Nov - report'ish

#1 Post by canaryfisher » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:01 am

So I went camping on Friday to South Currigee. It was great but I left on Saturday morning cause my leg hurt and it looked like there was going to be a storm and lots wind. It was my choice to leave but heck.. the guy that was hosting it I guess didn't like people leaving so he left the group and all his mates left the group on Like heck if he just left the group that's cool.. But seriously that is weak for his friends to leave and no offense but it is just weak to leave a group just because people choose to leave the campsite. You can't keep people there or it's no fun. I know some of you are in this group and well.. it's just sad, grow up cause you are acting like a kid.

Also one the guys caught a tailor that was small and kept it.. like wtf.. And they caught crabs that some of them looked too small. I decided not to eat any.

I think they had a cry cause I didn't join them much, like I talked to them a little but being the only female it was a bit boring, plus they all had the same kayak brand "dream or dragon kayaks"
and me having a Hobie they looked at me like I was some up tight person... Made jokes/fun at me just cause I brought instant cappuccino saying how I was so up there, I always bring them cause its nice
and easy and light.

I think they also didn't like me talking to a guy I met who had a Hobie 16 sailboat who wasn't part of the group. I only related to him a little bit more cause 1 he was super nice and 2 he was around my age.

I think it was childish for them to make fun of me. Like yea I can take jokes like I been to a few camps and allot guys joke about me but I have known them for a while.. These guys I didn't it was the first time I met them
and they were making fun of me...

I ended up taking the sunrice meals which was great and again they made fun of me for having them cause it was fast meals compared tot hem they brought steak, bacon, eggs, sausages..etc
I wanted to pack as light as I could.

I brought a tarp and had these plastic sand pegs I got at tent world and they were stupid.. the wind blew in the morning pretty hard and the pegs just came out..waste of money there.. Lucky another female camper helped me
cause I wasn't really dressed..was still in my pj's.

Also when i was taking my kayak off my car the host was just looking at me and my kayak blew off the racks and hit my bonnet.. Lucky nothing dented but it snapped my aerial clean off :(
And this guy was just looking at me then said oh I should of helped you.......oh well too late now..come on...

Either way I liked the camp apart from a few things . I'd like to camp there again but I am looking at getting a new tent.

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