Stabilising your yak with outriggers/side supports

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Stabilising your yak with outriggers/side supports

Postby arpie » Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:39 am

Hi guys

It's a while since anyone has posted about stabilising their yak with some sort of outriggers or side supports! There are lots of ideas available out there .....

Way back in 2007 when I first got my Hobie - I had a couple of very scary 'whooopsy moments' here in Wallis Lake, when one time with a sudden wind shift, the water suddenly became like a washing machine & I felt VERY vulnerable as I was almost certain I was going to tip over. After tying up to a pole for ages, I HAD to make the run for home & I was surfing waves 'sideways', leaning into the wave to keep stable - also using the paddle as well as the pedals to keep myself upright & it was STILL touch & go! It was a serious 'Whoooops'' moment!

Another time, it was after a flood event up the river & there was SO much fresh water in the lake, the slightest swell on the lake ALSO made the yak very unstable - there is different buoyancy when there is a lot of water in the system ....... I immediately thought .... I need to do something about this!!

So back then, I worked on a buoyancy system that would work for me. I didn't want outriggers 'as such' cos I still wanted to be able to access the various leases in the lake & the outriggers on poles would prevent me from getting thru the gaps in the fences!!

I saw these pics online & thought I could adjust them to suit my yak - I just didn't like the idea of tying them on.

The yak was quite stable, even when broaching a wave

SO, I came up with THIS idea! They need to be sited on or just below the waterline and I positioned them between the mirage drive & my seat, so I could reach them comfortably (NB the attachment site must be 'measured up' with your weight in the yak in the water.)

Using clips like the bottom one properly secured to the side of the yak, it is easy to clip the buoy on 'when needed'. When NOT needed, just undo the front clip & the buoy floats alongside the yak - or just remove them & store them behind the seat, clipping them onto the bungee cord for safety.

You can use these ones too, if you like - boat fenders (available from any boat/tackle shop!)
Boat fender.jpg

These should work well offshore as well as inshore - for that little bit more stability, without having big poles across your yak or interfering with retrieval of your fish!



Below is my 'original' post about them with lots of relevant comments -I had originally made the stirrups as part of my stakeout pole kit - but the stirrups I used back then just weren't up to holding the stakeout pole as well as the buoys in the current - so DON'T use Stirrups as a Stakeout pole 'stopper' :beye: : (See the pic of the clip above!) These days, I just use the paddle bungee to hold my stakeout pole & it works a treat! I slide it thru 'one half' of the elastic (even with the paddle in place.) When I need it, I just grab the ski pole handle & ram it into the sand & if I want to hold my position at a specific angle against wind or current, I use the other one too! To release it, just pull it out of the sand & the bungee will 'lay it down' for you! :gu: It will hold position, even in reasonably swift shallow water. I don't even bother taking an anchor with me any more.

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Re: Stabilising your yak with outriggers/side supports

Postby Bassifier » Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:27 pm

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