KFDU Stickers - Now Available

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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby plecofanmurray » Wed May 20, 2015 11:02 pm

Hi there, are these stickers still for sale?
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby ScuLL&fIsHbOnEs » Thu May 21, 2015 9:41 am

Any midcoast stickers getting made up out of curiosity
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby Team Manko » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:21 pm

Should get burubado design to make the stickers, I can guarantee the material these are getting made on is rubbish compared to what Joel at burubado uses :wink:
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby Armish » Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:18 pm

can we still get these
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby Beesncheese » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:39 am

Are they available ?
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby YakBlokeFishing » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:20 pm

Hi I know it's been a while since this post but are sticker still available ?
Thanks Jon
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby springer67 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:22 am

Are the stickers still available at all?
Would not mind getting some if they aew :gu:
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby Ditto1 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:11 pm


I also would like to know if there is any stickers left?
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Re: KFDU Stickers - Now Available

Postby Mjaydee » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:41 pm

I'm interested in some stickers if they're still around? I know the posts on here are pretty old but I thought I'd give it a shot. Cheers
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