garmin striker plus 4

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garmin striker plus 4

#1 Post by revolt » Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:40 am

I am thinking about buying one of these fish finders. Will they pick up bottom feeding fish eg
King.George whiting. Also concerned about mounting transducer in hull. I have watersnake and it says can be fitted to them. Wouldn't they get interference from the electric motor?

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Re: garmin striker plus 4

#2 Post by Paulioq » Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:20 pm

hello I have an echo plus45 in a stealth it has the same transducer as the striker4. it can pick up bait fish no worries and shows them as individual on 70khz so should show up whiteing no worrys and anything else that swims in the beam. mine came with a big hose clamp and specific plastic mount for fitting it on to a trolling motor I imagine that the striker should have the same pieces in the kit, not sure about interference issues don't think its a problem if the manufacturer gives you the bits and pieces and instructions how to mount it like that. mine is mounted in hull in a stealth and has no problems. I can recommend to use quality silicone like sika and you shouldn't have any problems.

personal opinion is that they are a good small sounder but you will find your self leaning in to have a better look at times with both charts and sounder open on split screen because it is only a 4.5 inch screen not a problem for me depends how you use a sounder. there only a guide for me looking for interesting places to fish. not really a problem just worth mentioning. a bonus is that the screens are nice and bright and don't have sun glare issues like lowrances get, it talks about some coating in the manual.

bit of a funny side note had one bloke that zoned in to his sounder and not paying attention that he paddled right into me one time while I was drifting and casting, that was just befor he went through were I was casting not even noticing we was going straight over my braid. just hunched over and watching his sounder as he paddled till he paddled right into me. lol got to laugh some times. I asked what if you got in the channel and a boat didn't see you he just shrugged his shoulder like he didn't under stand what I was talking about

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Re: garmin striker plus 4

#3 Post by murd » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:11 pm

I bought the Garmin Striker 4 some time back. Has dual gps/sounder options but the screen is way too narrow to really enjoy this feature - easier to use a separate GPS than being fancy with both features on at once. Biggest negative though was that after a few times of usage, water somehow got into it (was never dunked or washed hard) and if the sun hits the screen, condensation appears quickly on the inside of the screen. It still works well but I can see the insides corroding away one day as I can't seem to dry it out properly. If you buy one, keep your warranty card!

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