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garmin echomap45cv broken after 3 trips

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:27 pm
by Paulioq
hello I am writeing this out of frustration and also as a review on garmin warranty.

I bought a echomap45cv for a kayak after much deliberation because there strikers were notorious for water intrusion issues having water droplets appearing on the inside of the screen and slowly killing them with corrosion(anecdotal evidence of every person I have ever spoke to who owned one)
and it appears there still having trouble making a sounder because after my 3rd trip out with this model it has decided to fail and have had to send it in through the retailer who is doing a good job of trying to help me resolve the warranty issue

the sounder started to just power cycle saying "voltage too high unit shuting of in 10, 9, 8(would count down to one turn off)" and then miraculously turn it self back on even though auto power on was off in settings just to power cycle again with the same message befor decideing to be dead and not even power on. I checked the voltage and was being supplied with 13.2v and I never run electrics or the battery down to under 12.5v

that experience isn't as disappointing as trying to deal with garmin warranty. after 2 weeks they still cant decide if the unit is a warranty claim or not. I believe it would be obvious that it is faulty because it wont start on the bench of the retailers sounder display cabinet after they tried to replace the display unit with my unit. and of to garmin it is sent and still 2 weeks later no response, out of frustration I ask for the number and claim details to call garmin my self to find out some information only to have the call centre tell me they don't speak to the enduser regarding warranty and I'm to contact them through the retailer.

this is not satisfactory for me and think other forum users may like to know what there getting into befor buying garmin sounders.

Re: garmin echomap45cv broken after 3 trips

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:53 pm
by Paulioq
update to warranty claim it took 3 and a half weeks but they finally decided the unit is a warranty issue and have replaced it with a new sounder.

I am bench testing the unit before I silicone it in but the firm ware looks different and a few of the screens look different with more options. the transducer is making a clicking sound now when in chirp mode but luckily I got a spare one of them now incase something happens.

still not happy about waiting so long but am writing an update for people to make there own mind up and also that they did eventually come to the party and cough up a new sounder.