Trolling in yak

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Trolling in yak

#1 Post by blanchy » Mon May 14, 2018 10:50 am

Hey guys n gals

what is everyone's go to HB lure for slowly trolling behind a yak, mainly in shallows for flatty, im just getting in to HB, I have a few, got some Micro Mullets and they look great, tried them out last week but was getting a lot of weed stuck on them

ive had more luck trolling SP in the yak...especially prolure paddletail grub

any advice would be appreciated as im too damn stubborn and pig headed to give up :lol: :lol:



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Re: Trolling in yak

#2 Post by rocketV » Mon May 14, 2018 5:31 pm

Hey Blanchy.

Trolling was how I got into lure fishing and although I now prefer casting lures, I still troll between casting spots or if I am tired of casting.

Not sure how much you know or have learnt about HB lure trolling, so I'll start with some basics

If you are trolling to target flathead, then you want to be using a lure dives so it is bumping the bottom or just above.

This is easy if you have a sounder as you know the depth and can adjust your lure selection to match
If you don't have a sounder, than you just use trial and error.

The bib of the lure will determine how deep it dives. The lure packaging or website should give you it's approx diving specs.
Other factors include the, direction on the tide, speed of the troll, the diameter of your line and the angle of your rod

If I am trolling shallow (1.0-1.5m water,) I will normally select a lure that dives to approx that depth (my old favorite is the Halco Scorpion 35)

Your guide to how your lure is working is your rod tip
With most HB lures, you will see a continued rhythmic vibration of your rod tip as the lure swims through the water
If your lure is touching the bottom, you will see rod tip bounce around and then continue to vibrate as the lure swims again
If that vibrations stops or changes, but your rod does not bend much, the lure may have caught some weed and you will need to clear the weed and re-deploy.
If that vibration stops and your rod loads up and the drag starts either have a snag or a fish!

If you are catching lots of weed it is not necessarily that you have the wrong lure, but that maybe you are trolling in an area that is not conducive to effective trolling.
You could try a lure that does not swim quite as deep, but if the weed is throughout the water column, trolling will be an exercise in futility.

I find having your rods positioned in front of you allows you to better monitor you lure/rod.
I also prefer to have the rods almost horizontal to the water.
If you own a paddle yak, you have to keep in mind your paddle stroke when you set up rod holders in the cockpit or towards the nose of the yak, so you don't hit the rod/ line with your paddle.

I have a video on my youtube channel that shows me catching a few little tackers from my Hobie.

I have scotty adjustable rod holders with extenders to lift them above my pedal height.
The same rod holder config can be utilized in a paddle yak too.

Happy to help with any other questions you have, just let me know.
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Re: Trolling in yak

#3 Post by Paulioq » Mon May 14, 2018 6:09 pm

blanchy wrote: was getting a lot of weed stuck on them
yeah welcome to shallow water flatty trolling I use tango shad in the 50 mm size for good results, at 3.5gm to small to cast but they troll nice. and don't have your drag to tight you only need to set the hook in the fish and if it hits a snag you can double back and pull the line in the opposite direction and if your lucky you can get your lure back. if drags to tight it will imbed the hooks in the snag good and proper and make it a goner also will decrease hook up if its to tight because when a fish strikes it more ofton then not it will pull tight and the rod action will yoink the lure out its mouth befor the hook sets or if its a big take the rod goes by by in the drink. also the hooks are light duty on smaller hb like#10 trebles(as strong as wet tissue paper) pays to upgrade the hooks to singles or something sturdy like the ones on micro mullets but cant seem to buy those hooks any where(vmc 3x strong #10)

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Re: Trolling in yak

#4 Post by laneends » Mon May 14, 2018 6:18 pm

For flatties you are looking for something that gets a good wobble up at slow speeds. I like berkley flicker minnows or even small stump jumpers. Both get good action at slow speed and tend not to hang up too much when bumping along the bottom.

Its a lot easier if you are trolling areas with a consistent depth. Typically for the above lures that would be around 2.5m.

Trolling SPs is hard as they tend to lift off the bottom. You can also get line twist

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Re: Trolling in yak

#5 Post by Ads22 » Mon May 14, 2018 9:45 pm

Atomic shads according to depth, shallow, mid or deep diver. Also use Greedy Guts mid or deep, or little bream cranks. As well as Micro Mullets, etc.

Size isn't overly important, just depth really. Flathead eat everything. Sometimes it's just weedy.
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Re: Trolling in yak

#6 Post by blanchy » Mon May 14, 2018 11:13 pm

thanks for the input guys...much appreciated

picked up ecogear SX60F and a Tilsan Bass today...hope they work


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Re: Trolling in yak

#7 Post by clutch » Tue May 22, 2018 11:08 pm

The Ecogear sx 60 is my go to flatty lure, and swims very well on the troll. I use ths baitfish colour or colour with silver in it.
I have also done well in deeper water with the Tilsan Bass in perch colour.
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