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breamin newby

#1 Post by maxy1 » Thu May 04, 2017 10:41 pm

Hi guys,
Just new to getting into luring for bream. Just wondering what setups you guys run and lures all you guys have as your go to lures. Will be fishing mainly the parramatta or georges river around sydney.
Thanks guys.

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Re: breamin newby

#2 Post by Lindzz11 » Fri May 05, 2017 9:12 am

Hi maxy , my favourie bream setup is a 1-3kg slow action rod , slow action meaning its really "whippy" or flexible i guess you call it , coupled with a 1000 sized reel with a thin 6lb mainline and leader, 6lb for a some peace of mind when the bigger bream latch on. My go to bream lure would have to be an atomic crank in muddy prawn colour, Ghost gill brown is also a favourite , have caught many bream on these lures.

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Re: breamin newby

#3 Post by arpie » Fri May 05, 2017 9:45 am

Hi Maxy

Welcome to KFDU! We have HEAPS of info on luring for bream! Check out this section that covers the main types of lurefishing .... it covers tackle, all lures and techniques :wink:

Looking forward to reading about your successful outings! :lek:



PS. Lighter is best ..... as light as you can with a 'matched rod/reel outfit' - all depending on where you plan on fishing. If in snaggy territory you need a stronger outfit. If on the flats, you can go really light!!

Check out the reports section .... lots of tips to be found there .... a few years back I put this together re fishing for bream ... hope it helps!
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Re: breamin newby

#4 Post by spork » Sat May 06, 2017 5:20 pm

Hey mate, a nice 4lb / 2kg outfit is plenty for bream, unless you are fishing oyster racks or other heavy structure. Then I go up to 5-6kg to pole 'em out of the racks.
Personally I prefer a 7' rod from the 'yak, so I can reach past the bow if the fish changes sides.
Match it with a 1000 - 2500 size (Shimano) or 2004 size (Daiwa) reel and you're set to go.
Neither the rod or the reel need to be expensive, I've caught good fish on a $100 combo.
I would suggest a decent quality braid - 8 or 10lb, as: lighter ones are hard (for me) to see, let alone tie, also it makes the outfit more flexible - you can still fish long, light leaders, or up the leader poundage somewhat for fishing structure. The heavier braid costs bugger all in regards to casting distance, IMO.

Evryone has their favourites, a lot of it is a confidence thing. The more you catch on a particular lure the more you will use it - and the more it will catch, because it's in the water, not the tackle box.
*Shameless plug* - I'm a big fan of the P21 Cablistas, Crackjacks, and Greedy-guts, and the Fish Arrow Three shot minnows. For plastics, the Damiki "Ripper" in clear motor oil is a winner (these are currently on clearance @

If you are just starting out, plan to spend a lot on lures over the next year or so! For now, I'd suggest different colours (A natural colour, a dark / solid colour and a bright / flashy colour) in shallow running, medium running and deep diving to get started. Also coming into winter get some blades / vibes - and once your wallet has recovered have a look at a couple of Cranka Crabs - the 65mm ones are even better than the smaller ones.

Have fun - look forward to some pics of bream you've caught. :wink:
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