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Line for reel

#1 Post by seapig » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:16 pm

My question is what do you guys fill up your reels with. What I mean is if my reel takes 300mts of line.
Then I should be using about 150mts of mono initially, then about 150mts of braid for the the remainder, and finally a few mts of mono leader.
Whats the concensus.
Also what the general opinion of K Mart braid, should I spend a bit more or is it good enough.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: Line for reel

#2 Post by FishnDive » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:31 pm

It depends on the type of reel and what you are using it for - continuous casting of for trolling? Also bear in mind that if your reel is rated to hold 300m of mono it won't be full if you put on 150m of mono and 150m of braid due to the comparative thinness of the braid you'll need more than 150m to fill the remaining space if that makes sense?
On my heavier reels I like to have about 300yds of braid and a little backing (usually 20lb mono) for it to bite into. I then flip the braid over at the end of the season and go again. For the finesse bream fishos braid quality is probably more important for casting light lures etc, but for offshore purposes it just needs to be sufficient quality not to break way below its breaking strain. I don't have to cast those rods, just feeding out livies and hbs so for me a general purpose braid like finns bulk spool does the job fine.
Its horses for courses I suppose. When doing it DIY, I like to have pairs of reels and do them together, put as much backing as you think you need on the first reel and then spool on your 300yds of braid, if you cant fit it all on, spool up the second reel with slightly less backing and then transfer the braid from the first reel and it shoudl be spot on, strip a bit of the backing off the first reel and then spool it up.

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Re: Line for reel

#3 Post by muzza111 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:16 am

For bait fishing and trolling lures I still prefer mono to braid due to it's high stretch factor. It's like fishing with a huge elastic band. Keep the drag setting light and you'll almost never pull a hook out of a fish. I only have braid on one reel now - my biggest one for live baiting. Even then I'm only running braid so I can fit more line on the reel.

The best mono I have found: ... From=30401

"Parallel Winding" = wrapped onto the spool straight, it doesn't go onto your reel all springy and loose like most other brands. It's reasonably thin too, the only downside to this mono is I found blood knots slipped due to low friction. Using trilene knots I have no problems.
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Re: Line for reel

#4 Post by Aussie54 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:28 pm

I used to use 8lb Aldi braid just to see what it's like. It's okay if you are tight on budget. All my set-ups are for small creek, dams or bays in shallow water. Bread and butter species plus Bass. All run with either mono or fluorocarbon leader depending on what lure I'm running. All spooled up with mono then 75mtrs (half budget spool of braid cause very hard to cast more than 50mtrs and water I fish in not that deep. How do I judge how much mono. Guess.

After experimenting with Aldi braid, does not cast well due to thickness (it's like really thick cotton string), then have tried both 6lb PowerPro and 5lb Fins (or visa-versa can't remember) after the Aldi stuff. PP cause Shimano recommends it for their reels. Fins cause PW from iFish got inside my head and brainwashed me. They are both okay, average, then Micha Adams and his mate Shannon on Adventure Angler mentioned Diawa J braid (boy doesn't he give his sponsors a flogging) so I splurged out. Wasn't that expensive considering when you get a voucher for your BDay or FDay it costs nothing to me, appreciate the offer. It's only about $35-40 depending on where and when you buy. I'm settled on 8lb J braid.

The Diawa J braid is far superior to all the others previously mentioned. Silky smooth, super thin, casts a mile (figuratively) and seems to stay smooth through it's life. I found it that good I went out and bought some 6lb, yet to spool it up but should be great for long summer casts chasing whiting on top water. I'm hooked on J braid until someone gives me some other super dooper stuff.

I also would not risk spooling 300mtrs of the stuff then reversing it for the following season. I know it's sits well down on the spool, but every time you rinse your reels and line, it might push salt deeper down and although it may not impact on the braid, would you really risk it when you can have brand new straight off the spool from the nice dry garage at the end of the season. Just my thoughts.

Don't know what the K-Mart braid is but probably similar to Aldi. As Molly says, do yourself a favour. Go the better quality if you can afford it.

Regards, Wayne A.

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Re: Line for reel

#5 Post by Edstar » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:09 pm

It really depends what u want to do with the rod. I use cheap and expensive braid. Spectra braid on eBay is cheap but seems strong enough. I think I got 400m maybe 500m of the stuff on a tld 25. And cost barely anything so why not go braid all the way. On my casting rods however I prefer a better stuff to maximise my cast. I'm using spiderwire ATM. Seems good but much more expensive but worth it for the cast. Much more subtle. Now I'm comparing it to Kmart (rubbish, frays) braid, Aldi (abit stiff), spectra (abit stiff).

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