What is the KFDU 'Lock Box' section?

This section contains an archive of KFDU's best topics/posts submitted by it's members.
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What is the KFDU 'Lock Box' section?

#1 Post by The KFDU Team » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:14 pm

After taking Jeffo's suggestion for a KFDU archive into consideration we have decided to add a new sub-forum to the 'Main' section which will contain the best of KFDU's posts, submitted by its members. This new section will be called 'The Lock Box'.

There are many quality topics/posts, buried within the KFDU database, that hold valuable and informative info and by creating 'The Lock Box' we will make it easier for all members to find and access these posts.

Here's how it works…

If the KFDU team 'flags' a topic/post, old or new, worthy of the 'Lock Box' sub-forum, we will copy it into the 'Lock Box', with a link back to it's original location. The original topic will remain where it is, for general posting/replies, though the 'Lock Box' copy will be locked. As the original topic is updated we will also update the 'Lock Box' copy. The 'Lock Box' copy may also be renamed so that the title explains what the post is actually about.

All KFDU members can participate in selecting topics/posts recommended for the 'Lock Box', as well. This is done via the 'Report Post' function. This function can be used to inform the KFDU team of any current or previous topics that are recommended for the 'Lock Box'. In order to do this members will see a red exclamation mark at the bottom right of each post Image. By clicking on this icon members will be taken to a 'Report This Post' screen where they can select the 'Recommended for the KFDU Lock Box' option from the drop down menu (as a reason). Further comments/info can be included, though not necessary, and then submitted to the KFDU team for approval.


If approved the selected topic/post will be safely locked away in the KFDU 'Lock Box' for all to see.

We hope you all enjoy the new 'Lock Box' sub-forum.


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