War on Fish Episode 1

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War on Fish Episode 1

#1 Post by Josh » Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:33 pm

I'm pleased to announce that WoF1 has been released, right on schedule. In many ways I'm treating the first episode as a pilot of sorts and of all of the video footage captured so far, the Fraser Island footage was the perfect choice for the format of the first edition. In this episode the viewer is treated to some of the best action caught from my cams during the trip and although most of these fish have been featured before, this is extended footage that shows much more of the action and includes a lot more narration. There is over 20 minutes of footage in this episode that hasn't been seen before.

There are 3x 10 minute parts to episode 1 and reasonably large in size. Viewers are advised to allow each clip to fully download or at least buffer. For best results, watch all 3 parts sequentially & simultaneously. And yes... I saved the best for last!

Part 1: Day 1 & 2 - Sailing to Fraser Island, Trevally & Spotty Mackerel:

Part 2: Day 3 & 4 - Sailing to Rooney's Point, Spotty Mackerel & Longtail tuna

Part 1: Day 4 - 7 - Sailing back to Hervey Bay, Spotty Mackerel, Mack Tuna & Reef Shark

Enjoy (don't forget to rate the clips how you see fit). All & any feedback greatly appreciated, as this is really a pilot episode of sorts and the direction of the show will evolve based upon user input.


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