poor man's kayak build

Want to work on your kayak yourself? Need some help or have any advice to offer?
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Re: poor man's kayak build

#31 Post by fc59 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:49 pm

Paulioq wrote:cricky after you include labour hours for that bracket its like a $1500 motor mount with steering but that's if you already have a 3d printer but with out the buoyancy and comfort of a $1500 kayak. that is some flash workmanship specially the 3p printing :love: it.
i am not sure i understand you post but i appreciate the complement about workmanship

how did you work out $1500 ? i like your calculator if i could get payed that much id quit work tomorrow

1 hour to make a template
2/3 hours in the fabrication and welding for the motor mount
2 hours in design and fabrication of steering mount if in steel
1/2 hour set up time in 3d printing

plus alloy steel and plastic cost yets say $100

even if i stopped for a nap its not 8 hours of work

comfort is relative a $60 coleman roll up stadium seat makes a huge difference

and buoyancy i weigh 60 kg plus my gear 10kg max 70kg total in a yak rated for 125kg i dont think i am going under any time soon

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