Time to upgrade Trailer

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Time to upgrade Trailer

#1 Post by djfrestyla » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:19 pm

Hi all,
With the cold weather about, I decided to get in the shed & tinker with a new trailer build.
My old Trailer was great, but the Mrs was having trouble lifting the front of the Kayak onto the cradle, there for I decided to put the kayaks on the bottom and store gear up the top.
I needed some extra width for both the Kayaks, so decided to build up a frame to get the floor to clear the guards (like a caravan), firstly checking the NSW RMS website for the legal dimensions, etc as I needed 1.85 m wide for both the yaks & the posts.
I started with RHS and made the basic box frame, then added the cradles, that's when I realised that the 50x50 drawbar was going to have a bit too much flex, and the 50x25mm frame rails on the trailer were going to be too light (as I was planning to put 2 big gal boxes on top), so off came the frame and I added some 50x100mm RHS under the drawbar, and some 4mm flat strap to the outside of the frame, using 2 welds underneath to 1 on top every 150mm (to create a bridge type strength effect).
Trailer Frame.JPG
This worked a treat, no more flex, so it was back to re installing the crate section, then I decided it was too high to comfortably reach the boxes, so I chopped 300mm out of the height, test fitted kayaks, added the tool boxes, and put 85mm PVC bunks for the Hobie, and added extra centre supports for the Peddalfish.
I still have a bit of work to do in paint, wiring, some new wheels, and to cover in between the boxes with alloy checker plate.
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Re: Time to upgrade Trailer

#2 Post by WayneD » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:56 pm

Very nicely done. Even room for another up top in between the boxes.
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