stealth kayak retractable padle leash mount

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stealth kayak retractable padle leash mount

#1 Post by Paulioq » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:13 pm

hello after having a bad time trying to get out the surf a couple of weeks ago I made a amateur mistake and didn't wait in the gutter befor proceeding through the outer bank and the rest is history as they say. but getting the timing wrong and getting hammered by the outer bank surf wasn't as bad as being separated from my ski when the paddle got riped out of my hands and was then required to do a self rescue luckily the rip and the wind held us both in a gutter long enough for me to get back to my yak befor the next sand bank and I hung on to the back of my stealth and used it to help get me back in. I wasn't able to remount because of the frequency of the waves even though only 2 - 3 ft.

after getting back home and thinking of a better way to set up the paddle leash mount point then having a fixed point infront of the hatch witch is great if your just paddleing and lose the paddle riging up or any other reason it is easy to lean forward grab the leash and reel it in but this point is no good in surf or swell where the waves will pull the kayak side ways with enough force to break something. so I thought of having a running rope on a bungee return so its where you need it when you want it. from infront of your feet for normal conditions but if you fall out and still hanging on to your paddle as the wave grabs the kayak and takes it the retractable rope will slide up the stainless ring that is attached to the shock cord so its bow first through the surf
I don't think people need step by step instructions but I got the bungee cord started by mounting it to the handle infront of the foot well then up to a plastic saddle to double back to go through the original leash mounting point and tie a stainless ring to the end. rope 2 goes from another sadlle on the other side of the front handle down onder the paddle holder strap and then through the stainless ring and tie a second stainless ring to it this point now becomes the new leash mounting point.
I used ski rope can do a nice not like this
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