Minumurra River

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Minumurra River

#1 Post by Beardypaul » Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:10 am

Gave the place a hit yesterday, launched at the ramp near the mouth of the river. The tide had just turned and was just starting the run in. So I checked out the out side conditions. Looked ok , so I unloaded the yak to find I had not packed the seat. Well that's a bummer. So I just put an old towel around the axle of the trolley , bit uncomfortable, but only other option was to cancel trip. That's not going to happen. So headed out the front, the current was only weak as it had only just started to run in. Had the sounder on, and was surprised at how shallow it was, and the cross ways wave action from around the back of the island. A lot of it is between 1 to 3 metres deep. Thought about going further, but as I was by myself had to think of safety. So rode the waves back in, that was fun they where only small, but I found to catch a wave , it was like body surfing. You have to keep peddling to hold position on the wave. If you go to far up the wave your rudder comes out, and you loose steering. Like I said it was fun. Will need to find someone interested in going out there as I think this large sand flat could hold some good whiting and flat head.
I headed up the river to the creek just down stream from the rail road bridge, then fished . Small mullet small bream, saw a lot of small black fish around 25cm mark . All in all a non productive, but enjoyable day.

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Re: Minumurra River

#2 Post by sharksaus » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:32 pm

Nice Paul :grin:

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