Bay Today (14 Jan 18)

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Bay Today (14 Jan 18)

#1 Post by NorthSIKer » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:24 pm

Had a morning trip over to work the area between the pipes and Cockle Bay.

Pelagics were very quiet for me. I started with a troll over to the pipes, down to Cockle Bay and back up to the pipes. Not a touch on the hardbody and only one quick (but determined) hit on the fly. I also had a troll in less than a metre of water over the flats before heading home as the tide was getting down by then. Not a touch - most times at least a couple of rat GTs are a sure thing.

The bottom fish were active however, although everything I caught was small. Managed 6 grunter (including two on fly, 4 little brassy trevally and a grinner. These were almost all taken up near the pipes. I also bottom fished more towards Cockle Bay for a bit and got plenty of bites, but mainly little stuff that pantzed my plastics without hooking up, but on the strike snagged the sinker into the coral or weed. I got sick of losing sinkers so heading back up to the rubble near the pipes. The wind was more westerly than I had hoped, and whilst not strong meant my drift was pretty fast, hence needing a heavy sinker and that compounded the snagging.

The bay seems to be riddled with little brassy trevally the past six months like I have never seen. Which is great for the future as my family has developed a taste for trevally cerviche salad. At the same time I am struggling to catch any little keeper trevally (1kg-3kg is perfect for me) which are normally the easiest thing to catch in the bay. Maybe it is just me.

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Re: Bay Today (14 Jan 18)

#2 Post by LODO » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:00 am

Any day on the water is still a good day though.

I spent two days re-organising a garage, mowing lawns, doing the washing and ironing while my wife and son went to Melbourne for a week. I am hopeful that this earns me a large bounty of kayaking credits.

I've done a fair bit of sailing lately and am getting very toey for actually wetting a liine and more deliberately fishing. Might end up having to wait another week or two with the way the weather is being forecast. But ... typically for Townsville ... just wait and see.

Great report though NorthSiker.


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