HOBIE REVO 13 for sale

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HOBIE REVO 13 for sale

#1 Post by nobillie » Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:47 am

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...Hard decision, but I've decided that I prefer using my Trailcraft ( stinker...not too bad...4-stroke Honda is pretty clean! ) to fish the local waters...So I have decided to sell my HOBIE Revolution 13. It has very few scratches, and is in excellent working order and comes with original fins, STD Fins, and TURBO-FINS which are fitted currently. It is a very fast kayak, 3.9 meters long, and the narrowest in the Hobie range, I believe. On-board electrical by having removable battery in cradle ( rear storage ) to power the reliable JW no frills fishfinder. ( lets face it, you don't need a 3D structure-scan HD fishfinder to catch fish. ) which gives you water-temp, depth, structure and presence of "fish". 3 x Rail-Blaza Starports, Rail-Blaza rod holder, spare Turbo-Rudder, Hobie trolley-wheels, etc. Paddle. Esky. Plus anchor, sea-anchor ( drogue ) tackle-box etc. Asking $ 1,850 ONO. Maybe one of you knows someone. :cool: further south :grin: or use it for freshwater fishing :wink:
my mobile is: 0419843784 or PM.
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