What's the best trolling lures for TSV

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What's the best trolling lures for TSV

#1 Post by Duds1966 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:19 pm

I'm a prawn and squid fisho, but I'm keen to start dragging a lure behind the sailyak now so I'm chasing the top four lures you guys are using fir GT, Mack, Trout and Tuna.

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Re: What's the best trolling lures for TSV

#2 Post by NorthSIKer » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:35 pm

Oh gee - i reckon there are as many answers as fisherman, X 2 :?:

Where I am at (I troll a lot as I cover a fair bit of distance) for what is working at kayak trolling speeds:

GT: Will take pretty much anything, especially the small ones. But for me the size and quantity has been best on trolled flies. An advantage of the flies as well is that they create negligible drag so don't slow you down at all (I lose 0.5-1.0km/hr with hardbodies or plastics with a trolling weight). You do pick up a lot of wolf herring on the flies though. Queenfish also love the flies.

Mack: They will hit a lot of options but the issue for me has been poor hook-up rate. 9 inch slug-gos are brilliant but even with a stinger treble I miss more fish than I land. They also love flies but often miss the hook (or do the opposite and bite off). The Halco Laser Pro 120DD (runs about 2m deep) has been much better for hookup rates (I change out to single hooks) and the drag whilst paddling is not too bad. Only thing with the Halcos is that the grinner hit them constantly - no fight they just feel like you have caught some weed. My kayak experience I am talking about is the smaller species (doggies, greys) - yet to tangle with a spaniard from the kayak. I can't be bothered with a trolled gar from the kayak like a boat. But have a 160mm Halco Crazy Deep to prospect for these when the opportunity arises.

Trout: I have only caught one on troll (more of a bottom bashing prospect) and that was on a white fly I made from some of my Border Collie's fur :lol: . I would have thought diving hardbodies along the reef edges would be the go if targeting them by trolling (so the lure gets down to where they are). Spanky got one like that when we were our near Rattlesnake Island years ago.

Tuna: White flies (or sparsely tied bucktail jigs) have got to be the best most of the time (when they are keyed into the small whitebait), though I have caught on trolled plastic. A few more sophisticated stinkboaters I have discussed with have also confirmed white flies are a secret weapon for tuna. My kayak experience are all Mack Tuna. My first kayak longtail tuna only a few weeks ago however was on a cast and retrieved 120DD Halco hardbody (pure fluke). Also, the small slug into a bustup will work (but I use a bucktail jig or fly with weight to the same effect).

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Re: What's the best trolling lures for TSV

#3 Post by Whisky » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:19 pm

My trolling fishing experience is very limited. One wolf herring and one gold spot cod. Both on a Halco 120 surface plug. When I undid it from the herring, I had a near miss from the trebles. No way I will use trebles again on a kayak. I converted it to single hook as shown. I believe the gold spot cod scrambled up from 4 m deep to take the Halco.
With the luxury of a sail, you can afford to troll some teasers along as well.
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