Ninety Mile Beach

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Ninety Mile Beach

#1 Post by Bushy » Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:08 pm

I know I'm a bit further south than you guys, but you're the closest group I could see to me, so hoping you might be able to help.

I'm interested in Ocean fishing the eastern end of the Ninety Mile Beach (Conran, Marlo, Lake Entrance). It's a pretty rugged part of the coast, that doesn't have a lot of facilities. There's an ocean boat ramp at Conran and the entrance at Lakes is kept open by dredging, apart from that you're looking at surf launches or bar crossings.

I'm really interested to hear peoples' thoughts about ocean kayak fishing in this area. I guess the fact that I rarely (never) see ocean kayaks (either fishing or touring) around here tells me something about how tough conditions can be around here, although there are flat days when the ocean looks pretty bloody inviting.

I'm also wondering about currents, tides and rips. I don't want to be 500m off shore and find I can't get home. Winds are generally southerlies, so I figure I might be able to use a sail to assist with the trip home. Wondering if any experienced ocean going fishos have any thoughts on this? Are the currents in this part of the world a serious threat to kayak fishos?


PS - While I've never been ocean fishing from a yak, I do have some surfing experience (as a kid 20 years ago) and have done a fair bit of kayak fishing in rivers and inland waters. I've also got a lot of experience fishing the East Gippsland estuaries from my tinny.

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