Bass Tactics

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Bass Tactics

#1 Post by The KFDU Team » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:48 pm

Hi everyone.

This thread has been designed to assist members new and old who wish to target Bass and want to refine their techniques or learn how to target Bass for the first time.

This initial post will give you a general description of the type of fishing gear used to target Bass without referring to brand.

The following posts have been given by the moderators and a number of other members to give the specific fishing gear that they use to target Bass and the specific techniques they employ.

We have also locked the thread to keep the information easy to find without having to filter through question and answers and the regular banter that occurs on most threads. If you have any direct questions feel free to ask any of the members that have been asked to post on this thread.

General Gear Specifications


Reel(Spin): 1000-2500 sized reels
Reel(Baitcaster): Low profile

Line: 4-10lb braid

Leader: 6-10lb fluorocarbon (sub-surface or surface) or monofilament (surface fishing)

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Re: Bass Tactics

#2 Post by Leper » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:42 pm

Rod/s: Duff Rods “Sneaky Stix” 6’0 Baitcast & Strudwick Pro 5’10” Baitcast

Reel/s: Daiwa Sol Baitcaster (x2), Daiwa Sol 2500 and Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500

Line/s: Suffix Matrix Pro 8lb (High Vis Yellow)

Leader/s: Sunline FC Rock 10lb & Sunline System Shock leader 16lb for surface

Favourite Lures (SP, HB, spinnerbait, jigspin etc): Luckycraft Sammy 65 (Any colour), Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada (Any colour), Evergreen Combat Pencil Jr, Yo-zuri 3D Crank (Ghost), Jackall TN50 (Natural co ours), Yo-zuri Hardcore 60mm Shad (Ghost) and at night a Jointed Jitterbug (Black)

Knots (Leader to Main): Slim beauty

Knots (Leader to Lure): Harrison’s Loop

Retrieval Technique: Cast in tight to structure. Allow ripples to disperse. “Bloop” on the surface (floating and surface lures) a few times by gently flicking rod tip downwards. Retrieve lure with multiple pauses. Tiemco Soft shell cicadas are very easy to use, while Luckycraft Sammy 65’s require a lot of practice and technique but it is well worth the effort.

Drag: Varies but remember that bass fight dirty and will have you into a snag in a heartbeat. If you use expensive lures keep the drag set quite high

Targeted Structure: Any timber, grassy edge or rock face in the shade is prime bass habitat. A combination of these features almost certainly has a bass hiding in it. Eddies at the top of pools are also a great place to target bass in Spring and Summer and as winter approaches focus on the bottom of pools
Cast 2 (Medium).JPG
Time of Tide: (NA if freshwater): NA

Time of Day: Any but I am a big fan of early morning starts
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Re: Bass Tactics

#3 Post by saltydude » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:29 pm

Leper has given some excellent information already and hopefully I can add to that with some of my own observations, so here goes

Rod/s: 6'6" 1-3kg 2 piece rods (2 piece is easier for me to stow in the hull & out of the way when not in use)

Reel/s: 1000 size reels

Line: 6lb braid

Leader/s: 8lb flurocarbon

Favourite lures (S/P, H/B, Spinnerbait, Jigspin etc): as I usually carry 2 rods one is rigged for the surface with a Luckycraft Sammy65 and the other rod is rigged for sub-surface with a small spinnerbait that has a 2" s/p grub on the hook

Knots (Leader to main): double uni knot

Knots (Leader to Lure): lefty's loop knot

Hooks: No matter what style of lure I tie on the very first thing I do is crush the barbs

Retrieval Technique: The small spinnerbait is a very versitile bit of kit, it can be slow rolled at any depth from the surface down to the bottom and works well on deep cut banks when cast tight to the bank and left to sink down the water column. Another handy plus is that they don't seem to snag up as much as with H/B's which makes fishing snags and fallen tree's a bit easier.
The Sammy I also cast tight to any likely bass haunts, once landed pause to allow the ripples to spread then twitch and pause and repeat untill it get smashed and sometimes after a hesitant bump from the bass I will do a quick 'walk the dog' retrieve which can sometimes fire the bass up and they will take chase and nail the lure.
Like most fisho's I have boxes full of different lures but these two are normally all I need to cover whatever situation I come across on the water

Drag: I usually keep the drag fairly light by that I mean I don't lock the drag up enough to cause line failure from a sudden hard burst from the fish allthough it still happens occasionally, for example with 6lb line I try to have about 4-5lb's of drag set on the reel. Sometimes if the fish has made it to cover then free spooling for a couple of seconds will calm the fish down and you can then gently extract it from cover without it going beserk

Targeted Structure: Undercut banks preferably covered with vegitation, fallen tree's, the edge of weed patches, side creeks, eddy's between main channels and calm water and with all of these look for patches of shade also above and bellow any rapids are worth a few casts

Time of Tide: NA

Time of day: for low light I still look for some form of structure but mainly in area's that are in full sun during the day then as the sun gets higher begin targeting the shaded area's
Cheers Saltydude
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Re: Bass Tactics

#4 Post by brez » Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:14 pm

Rod/s: Berkley Dropshot 2-4 kg & Shimano t-curve t series 2-5 kg

Reel/s: Daiwa Luvias da custom 2000 & Shimano Stradic ci4 2500

Line/s: 8lb & 10lb Shimano Power Pro braid

Leader/s: 10lb sunline fc & 14lb Berkly Vanish fc

Favourite Lures (SP or HB): Dreamfish double buzzbait , Dreamfish wild thing , Sammy 65 , Tiemco soft shell cicada , Megabass siglett , Hawk chunk jnr (hb)

Knots (Leader to Main): Double uni

Knots (Leader to Lure): Leftys loop knot for walk the dog surface lures

Retrieval Technique: Walk the dog for sammys , straight retrieve for buzzbaits , lots of pauses and twitches for the rest

Drag: Tight enough that it requires some effort to pull the line off , I like to turn them away from structure early

Targeted Structure: Cast as close as possible to submerged timber , undercut banks , rockwalls and overhanging shrubbery , basically anywhere shaded or providing shelter. I prefer to cast/retrieve parallel to the bank but others use different angles

Time of Tide: (NA if freshwater): If fishing the tidal section a rising tide

Time of Day: Prefer pre-dawn to mid-morning starts , occasionally dusk if there is a thunderstorm approaching

and here are a copule of pics showing where to cast to some of the structure and different shade available
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Re: Bass Tactics

#5 Post by T-curve » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:31 am

Rod/s: (Samurai Reaction baitcast (5'6), (Gary Howard G force Tropical assassin baitcast (5'2) 2-4kg), (Strudwick Sicstik Pro (5'10) 2-4kg), (Penn Pinpoint (6'10) 2-4kg)

Reel/s: (Shimano Curado 200E5), (Shimano Scorpion XT1000), (Shimano Stradic 2500)

Line: (20lb sunline castaway) (10lb Toray Radius), (6lb Berkley Tracer braid)

Leader/s: (Sunline FC rock From 6lb - 20lb depending on situation) and Yamatoyo
Fighter Pro mono Line for surface fishing.

Favourite HB lures: (Ecogear SX60), (Atomic Crank), (Jackall Cherries), (Manns 5+), (R2S baby cranks)

Favourite Spinnerbaits: The following brands in 1/4th - 3/8th weights. ( Smak mini coops), (Bassman Carl's Compacts), (Secret creek spinnerbaits) and of course beetlespins with your favourite plastic.

Favourite Surface lures: (Sammy 65), (NW pencil), (Megabass Siglet), (Tiemco Softshell), (Koolabung Bass walker) and the (Koolabung "The Shlong" Fizzer)

Knots (Leader to main): Albright Knot

Knots (Leader to Lure): Lefty's Loop Knot

Retrieval Technique: I use spinnerbaits a lot which allows me to cast into heavy structure where bass like to live and just simply slow rolling them out through and along side submerged and floating structure is sure to get there attention. (Can never retrieve to slow). Same goes with HB's with a fairly slow retrieve after cranking it down and pausing it several times before slow rolling it back to the yak. Surface lures i will cast into the usual spots as with other presentations, but i allow to sit for a while before i begin the retrieve and with any of them i just walk for several cm's then pause where is other times i may just slowly walk them straight out.(It's all about mixing it up)

Drag: Normally on the tighter side to get them quickly out of tiger country, especially with some of the bigger specimens as they will pull you and your yak into the snag. I rarely have the drag set loose unless it is one of those days where they are in the mood where i have to throw smaller, finesse presentations which requires a lighter outfit.

Targeted Structure: Pretty hard to go past sunken timber, always seems to be at least one in the vicinity. Floating vegetation or log jams. Over hanging vegetation and anything else that is providing shade and cover.

Time of Tide: NA

Time of day: Sunrise and Sunset and throughout the night seem to produce the better results. I do prefer my afternoons knowing that the fishing will improve as the day goes on and allows me to have a few casts after dark as well. But if its a nice cloudy, calm day they will also be more inclined to venture out and look for tucker.

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Re: Bass Tactics

#6 Post by NarraJosh » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:35 pm

Rod/s: 6'10" G Loomis DSR 820s 4-10lb, 6'10" Mark Newcombe custom 4-10lb

Reel/s: 2500 Shimano Rarenium

Line: 10lb PowerPro

Leader/s: 12lb AbrazX fluorocarbon

Favourite lures (S/P, H/B, Spinnerbait, Jigspin etc): I almost exclusively fish the surface - Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada, Lucky Craft Sammy 65, Megabass Siglett, Home made walker etc. If I fish subsurface it will be a jigspin with a 1/12 jighead and plastic grub, when starting out I had great success with the Megabass Baby Griffon's also.

Knots (Leader to main): Improved Slim Beauty

Knots (Leader to Lure): Variation of Rapala loop, 6 twists

Hooks: Sharp, strong and always barbless (Owner or similar)

Retrieval Technique: I fish all of my surface lures very slowly, landing them within a couple of cm of structure and allowing the ripples to settle before starting to work the lure. With cicada imitations, I like to shake the tip and get the wings moving and retrieving a small amount of line before pausing and letting the ripples settle again, this technique leaves your lure in the strike zone for longer but does prevent covering loads of water. I tend to put 10-20 casts into a snag if I believe it should hold bass and have pulled fish on the "last cast". The Sammy 65 is a great lure for covering lots of water quickly and finding feeding fish, it is also great to skip in underneath overhanging foliage where the SSC can't get to. Again I like to let the ripples settle before starting the retrieve, all in the wrist and timing, all I can suggest is looking for walk the dog tutorials on youtube, it does take patience to master but once you crack the code its relatively easy!

With any sub surface lures I maintain the slowest retrieve possible but steady back to the yak, the opposite of surface as I have not had success subsurface on the pause like you do with bream.

Drag: I fish my drag as hard as I dare to prevent the fish taking me back into cover, this is necessary due to the structure I generally target and because I hate leaving a lure in a fishes mouth, even if barbless, because if for some reason they cannot throw the lure they will almost certainly die. Once out from cover I will wind the drag back a little to ensure I do not pull the hooks, its a fine line and I would rather lose a couple of fish to pulled hooks than the alternative.

You don't want to leave a lure like this so choose your drag wisely!

Targeted Structure: Submerged timber, undercut banks, rock walls, eddy's at the top/bottom of pools, reed beds, lily pads and any shaded areas. Bass love structure so cast at anything, you will be surprised where they come from!

Time of Tide: Brackish I like the run in/top of the tide as the fish tend to feed more readily at these times, sheltering in the deeper holes when the runout occurs. Fresh NA.

Time of day: I constantly get out on the water pre-dawn because I love that time of day, generally speaking though the fish come around sunup for me. The best time to fish is when you can get on the water!
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