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lures in bays

#1 Post by Kididz » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:24 am

hey guys/gals long time reader first time posting. sorry for the long post.
im awfully too familiar with catching big bream on bait unweighted and have mastered it for 16 years so i decided to up my game to using lures the past couple of years and so far ive used:
Ecogear SX in many colours - x1 large Garfish
Atomic Hardz in mainly natural prawn colours and also deep diver range - 0 bites
Daiwa Slipperydog 65 - 0 bites so far(my latest piece of tackle)
Ecogear VX & BV in most colours - caught plenty of flatties big and small and had a tailor steal it off my line on the drop
TT blades - 0 bites(snagged second go and didnt bother with blades in that style)
Gulp shrimps, minnows, shads, grubs - lots of bites but never hookups except for grubs which caught flatties
Marukyu Crabs & prawns - few bites no hookups
Zman Grubz in 90% of their colour range - plenty of Flatties up to 70cm, trevally up to 39cm,tailor at 39cm and only ever 3 bream max size 25cm.

my favourite is def the Zman grubz. i was skeptical at first thinking what kinda fish is that stupid to think a curly grub is food but i was proven its the toughest.some places i fish have blowies and once a blowie nips the end of a gulp.its wasted.the zman grub aswell doesnt have to be removed when packing up.i can keep it on my line and store in the back of the car ready for another day.i almost always use procure scent on them.

ive got a 6"6 lox yoshi 1-3kg and a shimano 1000 reel with 6lb sunline super8 braid,using always 2 rod lengths worth samaki/black magic 4-6lb fluro leader.once the leader gets below 1.5 rod lengths i change it because ive noticed i get less bites at shorter lengths which i hate because it such a waste.

now i fish out in places such as wollongong where the water is almost dead still with plenty of moored boats with bream clearly seen in under them and botany bay off of the beach and under boat ramps/ jetties in the cooks river.these are the same places ive caught countless bream and my PB of 43cm so i know there are bream here.
im keen on mastering bream fishing only.
since switching to lures i tend to catch alot of flatties and theres nothing wrong with that but i find theres no game in flatties as they will eat anything that goes near them.
ive read countless posts on all different forums and watch literally every single bream, flattie,whiting, trevally, snapper video on youtube where lures where involved.
ive kept an eye on their technique,colour range, jighead, places they fish, when they fish and what month of the year they fish.
from what ive noticed alot of these people use these lures in basins, uprivers with extraordinary success but none ever go out in bays near open water and catch bream.some do but theyre usually in QLD or VIC and im in NSW.
i like to fish for a minimum of 6 hours a day straight after work or the whole day on my days off so i have all the time to work on different techniques in regards to retrieve, colours, jighead weights and in an array of tide times.even if i dont catch fish and i feel its a complete shutdown im still at it working on my retrieve and technique.

now am i missing something??? why am i not catching the bream ive seen or heard so many people catch on these lures???
ive even gone to the point to start using my left hand to crank as i am a right hander switching the crank to left side which was awkward at first but since doing this i have only ever caught 3 bream on the most random days.i find i have way better finesse using the dominant hand to cast and twitch.

the only thing i can think of and is not emphasised on all these resources ive come across is the fact that these lures in general need to be cast from the yak/boat from out on the water and onto the shallows and retrieved from there so as the lures is going from shallow to deep rather than casting from a platform or beach where it goes from deep to shallow.would this be playing a major part in lure fishing???

i havent used my kayak yet since going on lures due to not being completely confident going through the hassle of taking out the yak and not catching a damn bream and if im just catching flatties i might aswell stay landbased as it is so much easier.mind you i have used my yak whilst on bait and it is the most fun when you got a horse at the end of the line as it is capable of dragging me and the yak a few meters which is so cool but scary at the same time because if i catch a kingy or jewie god knows how far it will take

i have also noticed that a Zman 2.5" grub with a 1/16 jighead will lose tail movement after dropping past a depth of about 1m which is strange as ive heard the lighter the jighead the better but i dont see that.ive used 1/32 jigheads and they dont have movement at all unless i go down to a 2" grub.

any suggestions would be great.
sorry again for the long post.just thought id save you guys/gals the trouble of asking what and where.


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Re: lures in bays

#2 Post by pavo » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:01 pm

My favorite lure/blade I used in Sydney was the TT switch blades green n gold for everything from whiting to jew/ kings

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Re: lures in bays

#3 Post by Green Hornet » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:13 am

If you're catching plenty of flattys and no bream my suggestion would be to slow your retrieve right down.
Sometimes with a plastic I'm hopping it along the bottom with only 10cm lifts and long pauses in between.
Same with hard bodies and blades, subtle twitches and long pauses. You can never retrieve too slow for bream.

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Re: lures in bays

#4 Post by dirvin21 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:46 am

cast your plastics up tight to structure like moored boats and let them slowly sink dowm the front
bream like suptle twitches rather than the aggressive hops that flatties really dig will spook bream
stealth is the key long casts and being out of site once a bream sees you its over
keep moving I tend to do 2 casts a spot and keep moving with bream as they dont give many second chances
get on your yak and hit the shallows at high tide twitch an sx40 across the flats
the twitch style i use for bream is a bit of a constant twitch pause if you spot fish charging it down and they stop just pause even let the lure float to the surface and hold your nerve soemtimes you have to have a standoff
keep at it bream are hard to catch on lures if your catching other fish your on the right track it take time to master your techniques you've definetely got the right lures and gear
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Re: lures in bays

#5 Post by ripple » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:44 pm

Green Hornet wrote:subtle twitches and long pauses. You can never retrieve too slow for bream.
have to agree, took me a while before I had the confidence to slow down the retrieve and throw in a pause here and there. Even still, I tend to just slow roll when I get lazy.

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Re: lures in bays

#6 Post by Ozzybass » Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:40 am

The only thing I can think of is that 1/16 & 1/12oz jigheads is probably slightly too heavy in still water unless its deep (>3m say). If fishing rocky shorelines, jetties, pontoons & moored boats a nice slow drift down is good. If you're catching plenty of flatties, it means you are having no problems hitting the bottom. As others have said, maybe slowing down your retrieve to just twitches & very small hops will also help.

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