Labour Day was a lot of work - Windy flats of Raby Bay

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Labour Day was a lot of work - Windy flats of Raby Bay

#1 Post by Cubits » Tue May 08, 2018 12:25 pm

With the offshore conditions turbulent, the chance of a dawn session dashed by family commitments, and a donut under my belt chasing tuna on Saturday, i really needed to make the most of a midday high tide!

We decided to hit up the shallow reefs in raby bay for squire, hoping that the thick cloud cover, high barometric pressure, and surface-obscuring wind would keep them on the bite. Raby bay is typically quite sheltered in a southerly blow, and the canals provide a good alternative if conditions become unacceptable.


As soon as we launched from the foreshore beach it was apparent we were over a very large yabby bank, so i chucked out a lightly weighted zman crusteaz to bounce along as we drifted, and was casting a double clutch downwind to cover the area ahead.

Within 5 minutes a 52cm flathead had fallen for the crusteaz, and after a brief battle and it climbing out of my net once, dinner was sorted.

The wind was picking up but blowing us parallel to the coastline, so we were covering huge area just casting at the shore with the soft plastic in tow. My mate picked up a small flounder, and i copped a couple of bream on the 95mm hardbody; the biggest barely pushing 30cm. Winter is coming, the bream are getting greedier!

Reeling in my lure to clear a clump of weed revealed the culprit to be a porcupine fish. As daggy as a toadfish, with literally no fight, but an interesting bycatch.

Turning to head towards a dropoff where snapper congregate, the full force of the weather became starkly apparent. Outside of the protection of Cleveland point the wind had whipped up a decent chop, and the combination of breaking waves and 15kn wind put a kybosh on jigging since we didn't pack drogues.

For the return trip we decided to troll along a dropoff since the tide was now running out. As soon as we moved into a draining channel both of my mates rods went off! The plastic was hit by a 35cm tusk fish, which despite its diminutive size managed to peel line like a mackerel. They're a weirdly good sports fish!

The other rod hooked a whiting barely bigger than the double clutch. It may have been in a fighting mood rather than hungry!

The rest of the trip in, now traversing a 20kn "breeze", was peppered with catches of queensland pike aka striped barracuda, and one small tailor. Clearing my lure of a large clump of weed, yet nestled in the centre was another small whiting! The whole assembly resembled a mackerel rig with a very ambitious squid skirt.

So all up a good trip in less than ideal conditions, and an interesting mix of eight different species between us! I'm keen to head out there more often once the tuna are done for the year. :)
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Re: Labour Day was a lot of work - Windy flats of Raby Bay

#2 Post by rocketV » Tue May 08, 2018 7:56 pm

Well written report, sounds like fun despite the conditions :cool:
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Re: Labour Day was a lot of work - Windy flats of Raby Bay

#3 Post by Paulioq » Wed May 09, 2018 8:47 pm

nice read. interesting catch the tusk fish haven't got one of them out there yet.

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Re: Labour Day was a lot of work - Windy flats of Raby Bay

#4 Post by Grimbo » Thu May 10, 2018 6:08 pm

Thanks for an enjoyable report/read. Sounds like a fun session despite the conditions.
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