Good bye winter !

So who's been offshore recently? How did you go?
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Good bye winter !

#1 Post by Brendon » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:37 pm

Only managed two trips this month as we come to the end of the wettest winter here since the mid nineties . The weather gods actually served up a few really nice Saturday mornings the first of which found myself Yakyakker and Joel again heading out to Samson land .
Unfortunately the water was still well stirred from some strong storms and I failed to find any squid in the dark on the way out and as I had exhausted my stocks on the last trip this really put a dent in my confidence .
A very slow start to the morning in the Dirty water till Paul says he has hooked up to something big and heavy which soon reveals itself to be an absolute ripper of an Australian Giant Cuttle fish that when measured went 90 cm overall length with a 35 cm hood .Apparently they can grow to 50 cm mantle and 10kg.... not sure i want one of those in my yak !
Paul Aussie giant cuttle.JPG
Soon after I land a 63cm snapper that goes in the bag .
small snapper with paul.JPG
About 8.30 paul lands a very 71cm snapper and then 20 mins after that hooks what is soon apparent is a really nice fun size sambo .Paul had remarked at the launch he really did want another long drawn out sambo battle after the previous trips 20 odd kg jobby (first world problems eh?) so he was stoked to get it in after about 10 mins.
paul snapper again.JPG
Paul sporty sambo.JPG

Joel also finds a decent sambo to test his tackle on that gives him a decent chase on the light tackle he favours.
joel sambo.JPG
Was a frustrating day for me with little else landed and several brain farts leading to big tangles and various other misadventures .

not a bad mornings work .
Paul and co mixed bag.JPG
Trip two a fortnight later was with Deryck who has posted his own TR so I will just add a couple of pics and comments

a few tiny sambos to start the day .
micro sambo.JPG
Again its been storming hard all week and the water is quite dirty again and we spend a fair bit of time chasing around looking for arches which are few and far between .

we head over to another area of reef that often holds a wider variety of species and join a boat who is putting on a skippy master class .

i land a nice one and then a new species to me is hooked . Its only about 25 to 30 cm and looks a bit like a northern pikey bream except white with black mottles so i pick it up and start to unhook it thinking wow its got a decent set of spines on it ! So I show it to Deryck rapidly tells me to drop it as its a Rabbit Fish aka the "Happy Ending" which packs a massive wallop if it spikes you.. I very gingerly unhook it and drop it overboard . rebait and get another hit and think "two hooks lets let it swim for a minute and see if i can get a double header" and sure enough two Rabbit Fish come to the surface

Rabbit fish.JPG
Next another poisonous nusiance .. the bite time for the day is approaching so Deryck and i head back to the main spot where Deryck lands a lovely sambo and I have a couple of little uns chase a livie
Deryck sambo.JPG
after several last casts and missing a school of snapper on the way we call it a day.

really looking forward to September which is biggest snapper month with them getting ready to aggregate for spawning.

Cheers Brendon
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Re: Good bye winter !

#2 Post by Ads22 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:05 pm

Those Samson fish look awesome, would love to tussle with some of those!
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Re: Good bye winter !

#3 Post by Leper » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:45 pm

Some cracking fish in that lot, I can only imagine the arms after a session in the open water tussling with those fish! Thanks for the report!


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